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Crossing Dimensions

Pending update for revival


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September 1st, 2018
@Aura9301: X'DDDD I'm not sorry

Thank you! Hoping to get more finished so I can upload more soon, been busy with my new job lately though so haven't had much time to do anything yet
August 16th, 2018

Im sorry

The art is very cute tho
I love it
@WiispNightmare: Lol no worries, and thanks!
Goodness I'm so so sorry I haven't gotten you the ref yet
I doodled some nice ones but they're traditional so I wanted to digitalize them but I got busy and all I have are excuses my bad ;^;
These look really nice thooo
Here's the guild!
Was going to fully color them but I realized I still need to do a size chart anyway, so I guess this can be like a little preview. Still working on villager designs but I also need to come up with some building designs and a general design for the village too, as well as work out the pages and dialogue.

At the same time, since my job is seasonal I am trying to make pictures for a commission price chart so I can try to make some extra money on the side. Idk if I will be able to make a living off it, but I have seen people be full time artists and being able to live comfortably off that so I figured I would at least try it. I also need to work more on backgrounds but the comic will probably help me with that. I just need to get out of the mindset of "the characters are done so I need to hurry and upload this!" because I have been doing that too much and that is partially why my backgrounds have been suffering. This isn't really related to the comic I suppose, just sort of an update on what I am doing I guess XD
April 15th, 2018
@Foxblaze: Looks now even MORE FLUFFY! I wanna cuddle it!
April 15th, 2018
@X man: ^^ Thank you! And yeah I'm pretty happy about it~
April 15th, 2018
@SkyHooves: *shakes aggressively*
April 15th, 2018
@LightEclipse: Fluffbutt!
X man
April 15th, 2018
Looks really good, and I'm glad to hear you're feeling more motivated.
April 15th, 2018
April 14th, 2018
Onto more refs!
Happy with how this turned out, I still have a lot of things to work on but I also started refs for the guild characters, they will be more art dump style though instead of like this. making pretty decent headway considering, and once I finish the main characters I can start doing random townspeople too. Thanks for hanging in there guys, I'm starting to get more motivation back so hopefully I can put it to good use!
@WiispNightmare: XDD aww

Okay that sounds awesome~
@Foxblaze: Kyekkk that's kind of an issue then because literally like all of Team Asteroid is hybridized. And some of them are every legend hybrids ;w;
But it's kokiedokes still because I have a lot more than Team Asteroid.
Since I'll never get around to using them, I've got a whole village-full of OCs that I'll whip up for you.
@WiispNightmare: Definitely no legends, I have this headcanon for pretty much all of them that only one can exist at a time, however hybrids are actually going to be a big part of my comic's subplot, without going into more detail as that treads on spoilery waters. But yeah hybrids are totally fine, within reason I guess like only two because of parents and such
@Foxblaze: preeeeetty much.

Do you have any limitations, like no legends or hybrids?
@WiispNightmare: That sucks DX

That should work then, I'll look forward to that! Thanks~
@Foxblaze: I cannot for the life of me get Discord to work. Curse my outdated electronic devices!
Ah well.
Kyek, I can still PM on here well enough, and Asteroid's coming along.
I have a dozen or so random Pokémon designs.
I'll see if I can get those up for you.
@WiispNightmare: (awww DX)

Hehe yeah I loved it~
Oh cool! I want to try to have as many varieties as possible, species and ages alike. Once I finish refs for the main characters I'll start on background/villagers. Since I decided the village would be relatively small I'm not going to need a ton of refs, but I still want to try to be more versatile. If you have Discord we can message each other more and work together for refs and such if you like :3
@Foxblaze: *is puffy*

(nyaooo tumblr hates me just like youtube X'D but that makes sense so ish gud)

Riiiight I always laughed at the character crossovers between you two :3c
ZomGiratinas I could totally supply that
Y'know what I'mma be posting a ref here soon of Team Asteroid, they're pretty big and somewhat varied, other than all being kids :0
And if you want more specifics lemme knowwww kyek