Laura Evelyn is new to acting and show business, and it's pretty safe to say that it's harder for her than for others. You see, she has exactly double the body parts of a regular girl.

Sure, she may be the perfect match for the role, but is the public really ready to see someone so different in the limelight?

In planning! Expect it, expect it soon, and weekly.

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Wander Tones
December 21st, 2012
@Megadriel: The cover is just a tribute - Laura, in the comic, is just an actor with a slightly different appearance to most.
December 21st, 2012
She has 4 boobs!!!!

(Sorry had to get that out of the way :p)

I love your backgrounds! and the colors, is she an Xmen? or the cover is just a tribute to the Xmen?
A Swift Apology
But more art in return!

Double-Body will return this October with Chapter One. Hope it's not too long a wait for you lovely fans out there who have already looked into this comic. In the meantime, enjoy a few pieces of artwork while you wait.

This piece was created with the TV show poster ideal in mind, and I went for a more realistic coloring style. As such, it looks a little bit different than usual. Hope you like!
@cherry2matoe: Thanks! :) That's a nice comparison.
Well, it's got two things I like. 'taurs and multi-arms (I also like multi-heads too). So I'll just have to keep an eye on this. :)
@Reiz16: Thanks a lot! :) I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, but I like to get things right the first time. :D But I never consider any of my artwork a failure, just a rough draft!
June 18th, 2012
YEAH! It's GOOD! (I myself, would NEVER spend soooo much time on one little thing! XD ) You work hard! But, you know, if you fail, you could always try, again... Gets stuff done faster.
June 18th, 2012
XD Angry mob.
June 18th, 2012
JUST dropping in
...Quite a creative idea you had with the cover, indeed.
June 2nd, 2012
Well dern, just when I start working on my comic about conjoined twins, this starts updating c:

Your story is clearly going to be pretty different from mine (my characters have two minds, two bodies...). But I'll still eagerly await each page of this!
Last Page
Of the prologue, at least! :)

Just a little bit to whet your appetite until we have the regular pages for you.

Fun fact: This page is the reason you had to wait an entire year for the actual comic. In redrafting this page two or three times, I took so long that the school year started up and swept me away before I had a chance to work on more. So I hope it's good. I hope it's really good.
@Mr Aids: Thanks!
Mr Aids
May 31st, 2012
Looking good so far!
First Page, what?
Hurray! After almost a year of waiting, you get---

A miraculous teaser prologue!

It's the start of something good.

EDIT: If you notice anything off about these images (constructive criticism is welcome, too), please feel free to PM me about it.
December 19th, 2011
@MadameEvelyn: This image is so wacky that it's going to be glorious. I can't wait to see what it means.
July 29th, 2011
Bout damn time
@Mr Aids: Yes. Yes it has.

@MacSimon: Expect a comic, obviously.

And to all... six people who have already favourited this comic: Thank you. It's great to know that the community takes interest in a comic that hasn't even started yet, as it's a real boost in motivation.
I really, really, don't know what to expect of this, Tones, but might as well fave it to figure it out! : D
Really glad to see all the feedback. This is the first I've ever worked seriously on a comic, so I hope the result turns out nicely

@Elastikid: Aww, shucks.

@Mr Aids: Indeed it has. The ride will be fun!
Mr Aids
July 12th, 2011