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The Whiskey Devils is an anthology of 24 Hour Comics, created by Gibson Twist as part of the 24 Hour Comics Day events in Fredericton, New Brunswick from 2005-2008.

Recent Comments

I love that "Big bite of shut the hell up salad with screw you croutons." Too funny.
have a pizza trophy
You, sir, made my day. Have an internets.
January 19th, 2013
I am so feeling for Peter here but I have to agree with Andy. Sure the bad times hurt but never let them erase the good times!
Mr. Twist, amazing job as always.
You're able to capture the feeling so well. I love it
Great stuff!^^
You should make this into a t-shirt.
With out any spoken words I was able to feel each of the emotions that the guy felt and connect with him with my own life. This is yet another awesome 24 hour comic and my god is it ever so well done. The quality on these pages never dwindle and continue with its theme throughout and finally we see spoken words and truly powerful words are they especially when it was used after all this build up and sympathy for the poor guy. How much more awesome can you get, Mr.Gibson?
I spoke too soon.
Looks like a chance to vent his anger and frustration have just opened up to this poor bastard.

He looks really angry due to the very angry scribbly lines you used to draw him. I wish I can tell a story like this without using any words. You know exactly how to deliver a certain kind of emotion, Mr. Gibson and that is what makes you even more awesome.
whats this a new twist comic about cool people doing odd things? really? anyway loving the first three and now im listening to the show there goes my free time.
Moments after reading this and I'm still debating with myself whether or not that would be a better casting decision than the Golden Compass...

But in any case, woo! You've also got me listening to this show!
Wow! I always liked those old monster comics that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby did. Probably not much of a chance for a story like that, huh? Looking forward to the new arc nonetheless.

*does a lil' jig of merriment*
December 27th, 2008
It begins!
Where Monsters Dwell!
Well, it's that time of year again for those of you who still have an eye on this title! That's right, time for my latest 24-hour comic! This one, though, is a bit of a different outing for me, as I chose to pay homage a local(ish) radio show devoted to comics, fandom and various pop culture items, Where Monsters Dwell and its hosts, Mike and Remy.

If you want to know what's going on...and by that I mean if you want to get any of the jokes, go to and listen to some of their podcasts, or even tune in live via streaming feed on Wednesday nights.

As an added incentive, you'll be able to hear yours truly, Gibson Twist, calling in from time to time to discuss a variety of topics (no, that's not actually me on the Xmas special, just an amazing recreation).

Villainy made me laugh for far longer than is healthy.
These are hilarious

That was truly amazing. Nicely done, Gibs, nicely done!
Good job! I expect to see this in some compilation.
This is truly a fantastically done piece, Gibson. Especially considering it was your second attempt in the same 24 hours. It's a great story that I think anyone can relate to in one way or another, and so well told, without really saying a thing. Propers, old friend. Propers.
This page is nothing short of astounding. It just... says so much without saying anything. Dude's ordering a pizza for breakfast. We've all been there.