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Just like epic mickey's wasteland, this shall be mine.

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awesome backgrounds as always
Amazing as always bro, loving the work on your sprites ^^

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Really neat sprites bro, they're really amazing^^. Loving all of them :3
Some sprites i've made while I've been gone.

For other things I've been making Out side of Smackjeeves

I'll be back whenever
@G.B.A: I've lost interest with Sonic team's direction on things. Much like the Archie Comics.
August 24th, 2013
And this is why I like Sonic Team's new direction approach in the games.
Heh, really loving the effects of the text to the flash back and I'm really adoring the art style^^ Awesome bro :3
And thus Tails' start of darkness.
August 22nd, 2013
I'm liking this already.
This is me drawing a close to our Misunderstood Two tailed Fox. If You want to see him more, You can check him out in
my Original Series "Zonow Story a New threat"

As for this, It's clear what Path Tails has chosen, But what about Our Anti Hero Shadow. Will he stick to his morals, or crack under pressure. It's up to you cause I ain't doing another.

Again Sorry it's so Long
@Lady Darkrina: Thanks sis i'll be ending this sub comic soon
Heh this was epic, really enjoyed this short comic. Great job lil bro :3
@Wolfry: That would be the link I used, I uploaded it with imagur, but I guess I'll switch back to Majhost.
I Thought it was only fair for Tails to let his side of the story be shown.

Moral of the story, Some things are better left off in the past.
Damn you Tails.