What happens when sci-fi meets boyslove?


Dez is a security officer at a small company in New York.
A half blind security officer.

Aside from that funny fact he has no past. Or at least he doesn't remember anything from before 2 years ago - when he got fished out of the ocean - and he almost gave up on ever remembering. Until a homeless boy stumbles into his life that seems to know a little too much about him.

Intrigued and strangely attracted he tries to pull the boy into his life and gets pulled into his own unsettling past in return...


This comic has been published in German and English by Cursed Verlag. The publisher kindly allows me to upload 6 of 9 chapters of every book here on smackjeeves for everyone to read for free!

So basically it means you can read chapters
01 - 06 online (1-9 are in book 1),
10 - 15 online (10 - 18 are in book 2),
19 - 24 online (19 - 27 are in book 3).

For further information, please see the FAQ page in the comic's menu.
Please don't be mad at me for this is the only way I can do this with a book that's been published by a publisher and not myself.


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komae akabane
March 24th, 2017
Haha, ich weiß schon, was ich mir die nächsten Tage bestellen werde :'d Hab schließlich auch ganz TEN bei mir zuhause, da kann Torrent doch net fehlen :'D
@luchi: lol yep
Hm they both have similar if not the same tattoos on their arms
Soen Kai
March 2nd, 2017
^^ There you go.
I was wondering if you sell an English copy of your comic TEN and if so can you please send me a link to where I can by them
@Soen Kai: thanks a bunch. :)
You can find a summary of the missing three chapters in the description of the first chapter of volume 2:
=) After that there's 6 chapters to read for free again.
Since i just found this comic and im seriously loving it btw.
I really wish i can buy it. But unfortunately i cant TT (believe me, this hurts me more)

So can sombody tell me what happen?
Between Kae getting tranq and suddenly them ending up in a jungle? XD
Just a simple synopsis would be fine haha
Soen Kai
February 17th, 2017
Hello there, guest. =)
Sadly the homepage is not translated and I can't tell if they ever will do it, which is why I made the "how to" with detailed translations here.
Sorry for the inconvenience. ._.
You can buy ebooks instead of the printed books. The links are all up there as well. ^^

Also, you can find an updated "How to order" here:
Free (Guest)
February 16th, 2017
Full Online Book?
Hey there! I live in America, and so I was wondering if they had translated the site so I could buy a copy? I've clicked the links and they all are still in German. I was also wondering if there was a way I could just buy it online, not a hard copy order. ^.^

Thanks! :)
@Soen Kai: Never mind, I just went back and saw your spoiler for Castle of Glass, I thought that all the other chapters were flashbacks, but looking back, I realize what happened. Dez was unsure if his past self would be thinking what he is thinking.
@Soen Kai:

So Inori likes to refer to himself in the third person? I'm confused.

By the way, I just read through all of Ten in one day (today). It's a really good read, and I am excited to read all of it once it is available free online.
@Dancing Brony
=) Actually he lost his memories when he fell into the ocean. (Hitting his head)
@Derpmouse: That's pretty clever!
Oh, so Inori lost his memory before he fell into the ocean right?
That's right! Protect your love interest!
oh baby boy~<3
All these guys, just having sex everywhere!! xD glorious lmao