What happens when sci-fi meets boyslove?


Dez is a security officer at a small company in New York.
A half blind security officer.

Aside from that funny fact he has no past. Or at least he doesn't remember anything from before 2 years ago - when he got fished out of the ocean - and he almost gave up on ever remembering. Until a homeless boy stumbles into his life that seems to know a little too much about him.

Intrigued and strangely attracted he tries to pull the boy into his life and gets pulled into his own unsettling past in return...


This comic has been published in German and English by Cursed Verlag. The publisher kindly allows me to upload 6 of 9 chapters of every book here on smackjeeves for everyone to read for free!

So basically it means you can read chapters
01 - 06 online (1-9 are in book 1),
10 - 15 online (10 - 18 are in book 2),
19 - 24 online (19 - 27 are in book 3).

For further information, please see the FAQ page in the comic's menu.
Please don't be mad at me for this is the only way I can do this with a book that's been published by a publisher and not myself.


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@Soen Kai: XD
Soen Kai
20 hours ago
I see now, that the shop system flooped up my shipping preferences when it updated to the new layout. X__________X
I changed it back, so it should work now.
Soen Kai
20 hours ago
O. O I do though? I do worldwide. ^^
So cute!
You don't ship to Canada?
It's so cute!
It's time!!
The English as well as the German version of [TORRENT] are available for direct order from now on! =D

me 2
he smokes American spirt and I do too this makes me happy for now reason
they both have barcode tattoos
*LMAO@the end*
This was just lovely! I'm glad Noel stuck to his decision...and that Inori & Kae had some lube to share..
Thank you so much for sharing this! I absolutely loved this and Ten. Will definitely purchase this ebook. :)
HAH! I'm not sure what he feels more ashamed of, the fact that he stole it, or the reason why he stole it. I love Noel. XD This was awesome, thank you for posting it!
@Derpmouse: You're so right! :D
Lovely page!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Then you should teach him to be a better one, Kakyu :D
Thank you! ♥
=) This was [TORRENT], a TEN Spin-Off.
Thank you for reading!
I hope you had as much fun reading it, as I had, making it. ^^

If you'd like a printed or ebook version of this comic, as soon as I'm not ill anymore (having the flu currently. The aircon in Japan killed my immune system) I'll put the books in my online-shop:
Score one for the nice guy :)
This has to be my favorite page
I'm really happy for them! *^*