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by piimapakk
a fishgirl and a freckly guy in 17th century estonia are trying to find their loved ones, running into new loving friends (and enemies) along the way. LGBT themes. warnings for some occasional blood, swearing, nudity and such. ran from 2011 to 2015, finished october 2015!
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4 Years Ago


a fishgirl and a freckly guy in 17th century estonia are trying to find their loved ones, running into new loving friends (and enemies) along the way. LGBT themes. warnings for some occasional blood, swearing, nudity and such. ran from 2011 to 2015, finished october 2015!


Recent Comments

March 26th, 2016
NiCe, Good ending rlly glad i decided to catch up
November 5th, 2015
Ahhhhhh!!! I cried a lot! I'm so glad I ran into your comic! I can't belive it's over. ; _ ; It was by far one of the best comic i ever read. Seiing you finish it gives me will to work harder, you're definitly a role model for me.

I really can't wait to see more of your comics and give you all the support I can.
Thank you for sharing this story. You're really great!: D
That was the most epic adventure they ever been through! u v u
November 5th, 2015
poor landlord, there is no rest for them... ; _ ;
November 5th, 2015
I am so glad it is ending like this for them, I cried a lot because I was afraid she'd be mad at him forever, but I think this is the best thing that could be for them now. I've been anxious to read the end of your comic because I was really really into it and I was to scared to see it ending. ; _ ; But now I'm READY!
muura (Guest)
November 2nd, 2015
congratulations, im so happy and proud for you <3
boopedoo (Guest)
November 1st, 2015
Leeeelooooo precious darling =o=

I'm smiling and crying and in disbelief
This has been one of my favorite webcomics. The finality--this is the end! (of the comic, at least)
Oh my gooosh the story, the characters, the art, all of it is so wonderful and dear.
Katarina, you have the admiration and respect of this little reader! THANK YOU SO MUCH for making Adalsysla.
I'll definitely be watching for anything and everything you create in the future!
boopedoo (Guest)
November 1st, 2015
They reconciled ,' v'
(Also that tomato cap is the cutest thing)
November 1st, 2015
Aunt Linda ;;;;u;;;;
November 1st, 2015
Also eminent what a handsome dad *u*
November 1st, 2015
boopedoo (Guest)
November 1st, 2015
Is that who I think it is??//
November 1st, 2015
Wow I silently followed your story for a while now and I'm happy/sad to see it end. Congratulations because finishing a webcomic is really hard! Leelo finally found brothers <3
October 27th, 2015
CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING!! It's so rare to actually be there when a web comic ends, I feel like I just saw a unicorn walk by lol. Best of luck to you on your next project!!!
October 26th, 2015
I've been reading this comic for 3-4 years. It was so good seeing the art and writing evolve all those years. Thank you for sharing this comic with us. I look forward to your next projects! :)
October 25th, 2015
a few last words
YYEEEPPP THATS HOW CHEESY I AM. super cheesy. s├Ąde and emin have a kid named after the foodbaby they discussed back in chapter 11 or something, and leelo is an adventurer always looking for a chance to find her brothers. she might look for them forever. sandra still hasnt confessed her crush, probably. linda is a badass witch ruling the north. cheeeseeee

thank you all for reading, to you few who stuck around since the very beginnings, people who picked it up mid-way, to those who joined this year.
adalsysla is a project that will always be very close to my heart so chances are i'm going to keep writing short stories with these characters in this universe... but i feel like this story is told now! weird to think that something i started at 16 is now over. i actually sat down and finished it.
GODS it took over such a huge portion of my life though, so i'd be lying if i said i'm not relieved. i would stress beyond anything about getting pages done in time, ignoring my health & other life stuff. making webcomics isn't pretty, kid, but heck if it's not super fun.

i'm feeling emotional! my huge project of 5 years is done with, what next?? well, i have an upcoming project in mind, it's not huge like adalsysla was. it's smaller, it involves gay lady zombies and again is set in the past... mmmmm that won't be for a while though!! i'll always be active on my tumblr, so keep an eye out on there for anything extra adalsysla or upcoming stuff.

AGAIN, thank you all so much. it's been a great journey and honestly without the support of readers & friends adalsysla wouldn't have gotten to the point of ending this way. i love you guys.
early update!
early update so i get this off my shoulders! :--D
maybe one day i'll draw the actual comic of the antics these three get into!! i want to but.. for now its kind of like im running the last half mile of the 40 mile marathon and i really really need to pee so im rushing with newfound energy. im super excited to end something thats been amazing but maybe not the best for my little feet.
as weird as it sounds to type this, next time i update it'll be the last... i'm uploading the full (REAL) epilogue in one go next week, and that'll be the end of the end of adalsysla! ack ill write more then. feels weird!! SUPER WEIRD!
October 17th, 2015
@hamncheese95: AW NOOOO YO IT'S THE POOR MAN'S PAJAMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shirt or nothing !!!!!!!!!
did they just frikkin take off their pants too??? You guys c'mon
October 17th, 2015
and make out they did...

I'M SO SORRY, AAAA they are the nastiest grossest lovebirds. "lets make out with our friends around. why not throw in the fact we're in their bed. cool by me"