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Fallout: Stepchildren of the wasteland

by The-Merchant
A family-friendly action packed tale of love and revenge, but mostly sex and violence. Welcome to the future!
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8 Years Ago
A family-friendly action packed tale of love and revenge, but mostly sex and violence. Welcome to the future!

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Hur dur
Sorry about the incredibad hiatus, I've been busy with education and coincidentally playing Fallout New Vegas. Oh, and also Dragon Age. Oh, and also Rock Band. But now I realize my incredibly vast and angry fanbase requires more satanic cocaine-fueled comics from my gorgeous and easily distracted mind, so please mark this as a return to the old ways of about 1-2 comics a day.
11:20 step on radroaches erryday
Thankee sir Aussie, I have to say you come up with bootylicious names quite well.
Poor giant mutant beetle. :(

I have to say, you draw skeletons quite well.
Wait! How could a vault dweller know what the heck brahmin milk is?
I srsly apologize for the most irrelevant comic ever.

loljk I regret nothing ever.

Except that time I did regret something, and the reason I regretted that was because I promised myself I would never regret anything ever, thus starting a chain reaction of paradoxes that ended in this comic being born.
Back on track, yo
Sorry for the delayed release, I have some excuses but all of them involve laziness so I'll just spare ye. Fortunately, as you can tell, I used the extra time and put way more effort into the writing and artwork than usual, so that's always good.
Sorry Merch. Is it at the very least a good frightened?

Perhaps sleeplessness is best, else one of those insects that attaches to your mouth in order to kill you in your sleep could sneak up on him.

Until he dies of lack of sleep, I mean.
Ya know Rathbone, I'm still frightened from your comics. So I guess ye could say we're even!

Also, poor poor clueless Veta. If only he had heeded my advice. Now he will remain sleepless forever.
*Google searches scary beetle*

Srsly though
I hate you now. I am scarred for life...
Srsly though
Never google image search "scary beetle"
Wait, I think he internationally spelled internationally wrong.
Why are you all attacking Wr3h?
@Wr3h Yes, I intentionally made this comic bad to spite you. Mwuahahaha.

Also you DID spelled internationally wrong.
The Merch actually lives in a different dimension to us, and each comic page actually takes approximately five years to create (five years roughly translates to about 24 hours in our dimension).

@Wr3h If you don't even have the decency to make an account you shouldn't be talking. Another thing is if it's bad why don't you post that on the first page instead of the last because that just shows that you probably read the whole thing.
Internationally*. And as The Merchant/Rai's Manager, I say nope. He defiently worked for weeks on the end to create this beautiful masterpiece that lies before you. You just don't have the eyes to properly appreciate it.
Have you intentially made this bad?
In this town there lived an outlaw by the name of Texas Red
Many men had tried to take him and that many men were dead
He was vicious and a killer, though a youth of twenty four
And the notches on his pistol numbered one and nineteen more,
one and nineteen moreeee >:U
"Is the comic going to become a musical? It really should become a musical."