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Caleb is bored of his typical life, and would like nothing more than for something exciting to shake things up a little. That's exactly what he gets when he meets a mysterious girl named Maria.

Maria has a unique problem; every week her age changes. Intrigued by her situation, Caleb offers to help her diagnose the problem and find a way to fix it.


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Guess this comic has kinda gone to the wayside?
I'm so sorry for not touching this comic for months. I didn't realize how busy I would be with 4 classes and a full 40 hour work week. I haven't had time to do much of anything except for school work. But my motivation to draw is stronger than ever and there's only 1 more week of classes. Once school is done for this semester, I promise to dive right into this comic and actually start posting pages.

Until then, here's a sketch I did in my spare time. It features many of the important characters that will appear in Age Difference. Also, I really like the idea of Maria surrounded by mirrors so expect to see that some more.
Here's the last character sheet before I start chapter 1. If you haven't noticed already, I updated the other character sheets so they all look much nicer now. :3
@SilentJ75: Any updates coming? :) Hope you are well
November 2nd, 2011
@Straw: Thanks~! I did. ^^

But it might be a little while until the next update due to art block and other things... Sorry I keep having to put this comic on hold. >.<
Eventually I'll make progress on this darn thing... OTL
Im excited for the next update, hope you had a great vacation!!
Yay, Im excited, have a nice vacation!
Chapter cover~ :3
Okay. So here's what I'm gonna do. I'll be updating every Tueday. I'll try to update with 2 pages every week but if I get busy it'll just be one.

BUT just so everyone knows, I'll be going on vacation this Thurday and be gone for about a week so there will not be an update next week.
But there will be an update the following week for sure. :3
You're welcome. I looked forward to much more :D Keep up the good work
September 30th, 2011
@Straw: Thanks! >u< I'll try to work on it regularly and not ignore it for seven months again. ^^;
@SilentJ75: Yay, looks good. Cant wait to see more :)
September 27th, 2011
September 27th, 2011
Wow... seven months since I touched this comic. And I hadn't even started it. I fail so hard. OTL

But anyway, here's the little prologue. It's still part of chapter 1, but it feels like a prologue so it gets to come before the chapter cover. Also I decided to make it pretty and color it. :3 But don't expect this with any other pages.

Now I'll once again try to get myself on a steady posting schedule, but don't get your hopes up. OTL For now, I'll get working on the chapter cover and hopefully have that up next week. Then I'll get working on pages and figure out how to tone properly.

Wish me luck. :I
Here's Gigi, Caleb's younger sister.

These are all the character sheets I have done for now. I'm still working on a cover, which I hope to have up in a few days.
Once I have everything all sorted out with both my comics I'll give you guys a schedule of when I'll be posting.

Thanks for your interest and support guys! ^^
I'm glad you guys are already interested!

And if you like cute young Maria then you'll love chapter 1. ;3
Here's the main character, Caleb. :3

I'll have another character sheet up sometime tomorrow! ^^
Shes sooooooooooo cute when shes a kid! XD
This sounds like it will be an interesting story! I'm looking forward to seeing more :)
Thanks! ^^
Btw, your avatar made me lol so hard. XD
Looks really cute!