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Puppy dowgs

by xuu
a comic about friendship and people with animal parts
there is no dialog uvu

it has tumblr too

will update on tumblr first because reasons
(will try to upload once a week but i am a busy and lazy being ok)
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7 Years Ago
a comic about friendship and people with animal parts
there is no dialog uvu

it has tumblr too

will update on tumblr first because reasons
(will try to upload once a week but i am a busy and lazy being ok)


Recent Comments

January 5th, 2013
gone a way too far with simplifications here but who ca res
i am too tired to describe have fun with interpretations

kinda sorry for hiatus
December 10th, 2012
them yaoi hands
gomenasai for delay i was ill + computer wa snot working well
also i do not like that page
may make another this week to compensate delay ; ;

edit: woops forgot to submit file
November 22nd, 2012
oh no! Don't fight! D:>
November 20th, 2012
Foi mals o último comentário. Não quis denegrir o seu trabalho :(
Ela parece um pato no último quadro *duckface*! :D
November 19th, 2012
i can not stop laughing at the difference between the first and the last panel who the fuck scripted this oh right it was me
November 8th, 2012
@grifendel Cara, de boa, mede o que você fala aí. As outras páginas estão um lixo praticamente, e eu suei para fazer essa. A tablet não tem absolutamente nada a ver com isso. ;/
Eu ando a conectar as imagens ao fundo e a fazer o que está fora de foco sem muitos detalhes de uns tempos para cá. Isso é uma tecnica de pintura, não falta de capricho. Você falar isso caga no trabalho dos outros, poxa. 8(
Afff isso sim é mudança! Na verdade, nenhuma página seguiu o estilo da outra, praticamente... :/
Gostei muito da história até aqui, mas prefiro as outras páginas que estão mais caprichadas. Talvez seja o tablet?
Num para não, plis! ;)
November 6th, 2012
style contrast
my art changed in 6 months i know 8')

so yEAH I WILL BE UPDATING THIS without a tablet but who cares i can draw with a mouse now 8)

i made a tumblr for this comic, go check it lsrs

( i will most probably definitely move it to tumblr tho)
May 8th, 2012
If you are curious about auau stuff, well i have been sketching pages, improving characters and history, all those shit. I really love this comic idea, even if it is something silly and...stupid.
The only reason i have not updated nor drawed anything recently is because i am without my tablet. SINCE MONTHS
Well i am a really poor person and i live alone with my mother and we are about to get kicked from our apartment so i will not have a tablet anytime soon yuy
Other news is that i am in a painting college (YEY) and my anatomy improved, thanks oxalá.
Thanks to this time without drawing new pages, i got extra time to think about the plot and now i think this comic will end at...200 pages y_y
I also have some other comic idea, that i will do using watercolours and flash. < this comic will probably end before auau since i can do it without a tablet heh
Anyway, sorry guys. I want to draw a new page as much as you ,my two active followers, want to read one. y_y
...and shit no,i will not redraw all the pages, NOT AGAIN
(this may be something i will do when i finish the comic, btw)
and...yeah,that is it
March 24th, 2012
ok maybe it's me being all obssessed but

are the guys in blue and red who I think they are
February 28th, 2012
a whole new page
sorry for delay, my tablet died </3
i am using mirtilo's tablet not (not really used to it hehe)
will try to update some more while i still have it! o:

by the way, day 5 will be my first day at collage, wee )o) i will go for painting,so i hope my drawing skills get better ;v;
February 12th, 2012
how do kissing works
i do not know

also i am in a livestream and i will make another page now yey (if you get my livestream offline is probably because i forgot to edit this, but if i just updated this comic it means it is on! :D)
if you do not know, my livestream is
sorry for the 12 days delay, i had this page sketched since long but my tablet died ;n;
February 4th, 2012
Denied D:
a update! yay! ; U;
February 1st, 2012
yess youupdated

loll i love those girls
January 31st, 2012
meh meh meh
i have to re-learn how to draw my babies sob
not like there had a time i knew it or anything
ok lemme fix my saying
i have to learn how to make them looks like the same in different angles sob
January 31st, 2012
i changed style because 1- i love lineless and hate lineart 2- it is easier 3- because i can

also, CAMEOS
January 31st, 2012
you thought it was a real update
lol drawing new page now. will probably stream. <3

awwwwwwrrrn caralho can be literally translated to 'owwwwwwhhhn penis',by the way. /snort
its so awesome when you want to do shit in the internet and life says fuck you
and then artblocks comes to bully you too
dont mention dead mice
this means it wont take a month to upload another again
<s>only 3 weeks</s>

edit: WTF 40 FANS HOW
fail: forgot to make borzoi's hair with blue thinglings ARGH WHATS THE ENGLISH NAME FOR MECHAS AGAIN