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This place is dead as fuck lol.

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ya mum
this is terrible
Happy New Year!
What better way to celebrate the new year than a look back at some of my favorite anime of the year?

Top left is Black Clover, which I got into upon seeing it on Adult Swim's Toonami block. It made me think of My Hero Academia with how similar the two main characters are. Izuku from MHA grew up in a superhero world with no superpowers, and Asta from BC grew up in a world of magic with no magic power.

Top right is The Royal Tutor, where the titular character was invited to a castle to be the kingdom's tutor to the four youngest of five princes and help train them to be worthy to succeed the throne if they get the chance.

Bottom left is Clockwork Planet, which I enjoyed cause I'm a steampunk/clockwork geek. And one of my chatroom friends enjoyed it enough to RP out the first episode with me as well.

and Bottom right is New Game!, an anime about a girl who gets a job as a game designer at the video game company that made her favorite childhood game. Considering how much I enjoy video games, I don't need to explain why I like that one.
here i come rougher than the rest of them the best of them tougher than leather, you can call me knuckler and unlike chuckler I dont sonic.
Been a while since I posted a fakemon, hasn't it?
I've been posting all the ones I already have here on Deviantart lately. I only have Snoala and Pedragao left to put on SJ, but I have to redraw them first cause the picture got ruined.

So until they are re-drawn, here's a fakemon I am posting here and on DeviantArt at the same time. Glassjabber, the weak jaw pokemon. I made it Dragon/Fighting and designed it coincidentally before Hakamo-o was even revealed. My reason for making this one is just cause at the time, Dragon and Fighting were the only types I didn't make a Fakemon for yet. And there were no Dragon/Fighting dual types before Hakamo-o, so I thought this would be an original idea.
The name Glassjabber comes from the Jabberwocky from the story of Alice in Wonderland since I liked the way it looked in that movie, and Glassjaw, which is a boxing term for a fighter with a weak jawline. Glassjabber is based on the knucker, a type of flightless dragon that lives in burrows. It has a weak jaw, flightless wings, a serpent-like body, and four feet, the front feet balled into fists for punching.
Knuckler developes a longer slender body upon evolving, along with horns, longer limbs, and a sin pattern that resembles shorts, gloves, and belts. It's name comes from the knucker it is based on, and knuckles.
that's all I can think of to say, if there's any questions or opinions, put them in the comments.
For everyone who waited patiently
It took me a long time to motivate myself to finish my rough sketch of the fire starter I made, and an even longer time to make myself color it in.

Iguano is based on a red iguana obviously. The black marks around its eyes work the same way as a cheetah's, cutting down glare from the sun as it looks out in the distance.
Dinosun, the middle evolution, is based on a dimetrodon, a type of dinosaur with a large fin on its back. I shaped the fin like a fire and the black marks on top of its head and legs absorb sunlight to give it energy.
And finally the final evolution Solazard is based on a Spinosaurus. Its large fin stores solar energy that power up its attacks. And like the other final starters had a second type that was super effective to their starter weakness, Solazard is part Electric type. Water is only weak to grass and electric, and we can't have two grass starters, so electric was the only choice left.

thanks to everyone who supports my rough sketches. Please comment with your opinions.
Took a while, but I finally gave it a name. It will now be known as Nagalypse! A play on Naga, which is the creature it's based off of, and Apocalypse, which is one of the names given to Doomsday.

Also for those waiting for my original fire starter, it will be coming. The sketches are partly done, will take a bit more time. Even more so if I fail to properly motivate myself. But I promise I will post them sooner or later.
Darkus (Guest)
June 14th, 2016
@Moon light madness: I'm just commenting as a guest, since I can't log in.
@nyancat6650: "Alive" is a tad strong of a word.
holy shit this place is still alive
i'm laughing holy shit
Here we have my grass starter, Chipmoss, and its evolved forms. I based them off squirrels cause I like to look at and feed peanuts to the squirrels in my neighborhood. The final evolution's body has harden to stone and is covered in the same moss the prior forms' fur is made of.

Please enjoy the artwork, I know I'm not the best artist, but I still take pride in what I do.
The lack of comments is mainly due to everyone in this comic being dead. Perhaps you could work these into another webcomic of your own
Here we have my design for a Water starter pokemon based on the Diving Bell spider. I know arachnids like spiders don't start out as larva like insects do, but a grub seemed the best way to start out a water/bug starter. Plus when I first started I wasn't sure if I'd make the final stage a spider or a water beetle. I just knew I was gonna make it a Water/Bug dual type when it was fully evolved.

I picked a dual typing that would give each of my starter' final evolution a second type that was super effective against its weakness. So the final evolutions are gonna be Fire/Electric, Water/Bug, and Grass/Rock. I'm still working on the grass and fire starters, if you can call not knowing what design to make "working"

Anyway, I won't say much about the designs, the lack of comments leads me to feel like no one looks or cares anyway. If I'm wrong and you do care, comment with any questions you have.
This here is a chef pokemon with some final fantasy inspiration. It's loosely based on the Tonberry chefs from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. And its bipedal yellow appearance bears resemblence to the Bangaa from games like FFXII and Tactics Advance. The green markings on its back are just to make it look cooler, and it uses a frying pan and knife as weapons like Farfetch'd's leek.
Here's an original pokemon of mine that I based on zombies. Ghool evolves into Zombrain, they're designed are simple enough, both have greyish saggy skin and blue pants. Ghool has red eyes while Zombrain's eye sockets are empty. Zombrain also has bones and twigs sticking out of its flesh and more exposed insides. Hopefully this idea of mine doesn't get censored.
Here's an original pokemon I designed based on a mosquito. I made it a bug/ice type and based it more on Arctic skeeters. It's proboscus is an icicle and its eyes are designed to see through snowstorms.

I won't be saying much in author comments cause I'm uploading four pages with less than an hour until I leave for work
Here we have another original pokemon I designed. I actually made the evolved form Crossatrick first then designed the pre-evolution. I made it a poisonous bird and based the name off the cockatrice, a monster with stone gaze. I originally called Crossatrick Cockatrick, but a friend said having cock in its name wasn't a good idea for obvious reasons, so I changed it.
@Ionic Defibrillator: thanks for the input. You're the first person beside whom I've shown these pictures to on xat to comment on my work. And thank you also for saying the design was cool.
Hm... It gives more of an uber vibe than a legendary. It should be adjusted somehow to be given some extra oomph. But from what I can see, this is a cool design