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Salt & Pepper: A Nuzlocke Run

Current run: Leaf Green
-Name all pokes
-Can only catch first pokemon on any route [duplicates rule is in effect]
-No legends
-If a pokemon faints, they die/are retired

Let's try something... ...
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3 Years Ago
Current run: Leaf Green
-Name all pokes
-Can only catch first pokemon on any route [duplicates rule is in effect]
-No legends
-If a pokemon faints, they die/are retired

Let's try something... ...

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Captain Ghost
April 13th, 2016
wan pisuuuuu :D!!!!
March 2nd, 2016
Pepper tho xD
March 2nd, 2016
One pieceeeee
June 4th, 2015
Windmill Key
May 30th, 2015
Hey there!

Might still be awhile for the rest of chapter 7 to follow, I'm afraid, but it IS being worked on!
School is just, kinda, kicking my butt a little ;3

I had been wondering about what to do for this chapter's cover page, didn't like any of the thumbs I'd penciled down. Then a friend, Reddo (who better get groovin' on her nuzlocke remake ;3 ) suggested

"Rika making graveler faces"
"Regan doing a krabby dance"

and things just kinda went from there hahaha.

Windmill Key
February 3rd, 2015
Still on vacation o:

but, with this chapter end, and me moving next week, and school starting up the week after...

I'll try to keep you guys posted on updates, a'ight? <33

(... denial's a pretty powerful thing, isn't it?)
Windmill Key
February 3rd, 2015
This is an automatic upload!
I should be in/on my way to Japan right now!

Stay safe folks, and don't forget to have fuun~

This chapter's almost done!
Windmill Key
February 3rd, 2015
Remember this guy? No...?

I didn't either, til now. >___>;;;;
Windmill Key
January 31st, 2015
Trying out a bunch of stuff.. do do do, experimenting, yay :V
Windmill Key
January 22nd, 2015
'Had.' That's past tense, I believe.
Captain Ghost
January 21st, 2015
@Leelah: ewwwww college net D: I feel your pain. The interwebs up here in camp can often be deplorable. It's just.. so.. blarghsrhagsasjdhaf

Yussss, skypes! Mine's... -goes to check- windmill_key ! Just give me a shout haha.

Thanks O: Hopefully this next year it'll just keep developing, cause I'ma hit it harder than ever before. Aw yeeeee!

(Me too hahahaha. But sometimes I like it more than my current stuff and that's no good either xD I just.. 'WHYYYyyyy')

Thing is though, if I'd poured all of that tournament energy into my main comics, I'd probably have at least one or two done D: so pros n cons one supposes. That kind of environment sorta forces the work out of ya though -- if you care about getting a round up for your opponent anyway x3 which I do

(not saying the folks who don't show up don't care, mind you -- life happens. But it remains frustrating to have your opponent bail on ya nonetheless u.u~~)

Oh well. I just need to make sure I stay away from em for now hahaha. Even writing tournaments take way too much time/energy for their own good. I dunno why I put myself through all this stuff ahahaha x__X

I can't recall 100% but I think speed was one thing I expressly wanted to work on throughout last year or two, and it's helped a fair bit I think, especially in trying to develop a more confident stroke. I mean, sometimes I wish my sketches were cleaner but... they're sketches O:
I dunno. I'm still no expert, by any means. And I'm kinda rambling at this point haha, my bad. But here's to future progress!

edit: what's your new av of, if you don't mind my asking? trying to place it, feels familiar D:
January 20th, 2015
i had to rewrite this curse college net
@Captain Ghost: Yeah, same here, pretty much... I mean, I have an art blog, but I barely use it, so... sweats. But eh, skype~? Wanna swap skypes- if that's okay orz
Concrete, hm... Yeah, that seems like a good way to describe it! Your style's gotten a lot stronger from what I can see in the nuzlocke!
Ah, I love when that happens. It's like huh? I took a few months off drawing and now I can draw hands? RAD

(looking at old art makes me want to burn...)

And gosh, I can't even imagine working on something like that for so long... I have immense respect for you, man. Just... Wow, that sounds so competitive and time consuming. *^*
It sounds really nice, though...! I can't even picture myself being in something competitive, much less that long... Just wow...!

AND JEEZ 10-30 seconds for sketching? I take that long just to start drawing a face (I'm a kind of slow / picky drawer). Here's hoping you get faster, though! I'm pretty sure that inking is the bane of every artist's existence...
Captain Ghost
January 20th, 2015
@Leelah: True dat, true dat.

I can't say I use tumblr much myself (especially not to post things-- more so reblogging the odd thing every other week ahaha) but I know it's what a lot of other folks are using nowadays @w@~~ Skype though, aw ye O:
Really? That's completely okay though. I wouldn't worry about disappointing :d I'm pretty sure my style hasn't changed all that much since I started comics ahahaa. It's just gotten more... Concrete, is all, I suppose.
You never know though- I know folks who've gone away from drawing for awhile and returned to it with a fresh perspective O: you still learn even if you're not drawing, in a sense ^^

(oh god I just went back to look at some of my earlier comics XD whyyy)

I do have lots of fun doing those, but as I mentioned... they tend to come packed with a load of stress, too. LOTS of late nights in my earlier tourneys due to lack of proper time management (which I started getting better at in later tourneys, thank goodness @__@;; but only somewhat better ahaha x__X).

My mom was super pissed when she found out I'd joined another tourney, the last one I was in. lol. Cause... well, the first one went on about a year. The second one only a month or so (didn't make it past the first round). And the last one lasted about 6-8 months... They're a time commitment for sure, and took a lot away from my main comics on SJ D:

... but I'm rambling away here. Yeah, I enjoy em! Being a bit competitive helps/doesn't help in a way. But if you put yourself out there, you get to meet a lot of cool people through these, too :D

I made a few good friends throughout these things that I still talk to on a regular basis now, years later. Which is nice ^^

... if I ever joined another one though, it'd only be after I got my art super streamlined in terms of speed/efficiency. I can sketch neat-ish things in like 10-30 seconds now, but I'm still working on getting faster at the inking/colouring bit heh x3
January 19th, 2015
@Captain Ghost: Same here! Plus it's kind of hard to find good new books after leaving the book scene for a while...

I have both! Though I mostly just use tumblr or skype ww I'd be happy to share, though! My style hasn't changed much in essence, so I'll prolly disappoint though...

And oh my gosh that's really impressive--! You must have a lot of dedication to get through that, wow. Hats off to you, good captain! Do you have fun doing those~?
Captain Ghost
January 18th, 2015
@Leelah: I wish I still read, but I haven't made the time for it in... forever, sadly :c oh well. Some day, maybe.

D'you have a dA or tumblr or anything? O: Might be cool to see~ but if you wanna keep the sketches to yourself that's fine though xD I'm just being curious/nosy :p

(Ah, with the strict deadlines it's, as I mentioned, if I happen to join a comic tournament or league - more often than not those are hosted on dA. I've been in three of these tournaments so far (and a fourth one for writing I guess)...

And basically you have a deadline by with both you and your opponent send in a comic entry of your character/team winning against theirs*, and whoever the judges select to go ahead continues with their entry as canon O:

super stressful stuff though but man you get a lot of work done in a short period of time o_o~~

*usually it's one team vs another but sometimes they have other prompts to work off instead. All depends :3)
January 18th, 2015
@Captain Ghost: Coolio tulio!! I read a lot of it (back when I still got to buy books orz) but I've never really had the brains to RP or write it... Woops

I'll try! It might not work but HEY at least I made an attempt? (I'm sure zelda comic forgives youuu-!)

Same here~. If I have to focus on one thing all the time, I eventually run out of ideas for it... Which is why I have 10000 ideas! /shot

Thank you much~ I'm actually in the process of drawing Ash again just to see how it goes (style changes many things... mostly hair and the new presence of noses woops)

I'm glad you've been managing so well! ww stay strong and survive, my friend! (Though... When do you have super strict deadlines? sorry sorry)
Captain Ghost
January 17th, 2015
@Leelah: Oooh, fantasy's cool :D I grew up reading and RPing that kind of setting/story (though usually with a medieval/fantasy kinda twist).

That might work~ Just, careful you don't find yourself running short on time to manage them both haha. (-pokes hiatus'd zelda comic- ;_; I'M SO SORRY, COMIC. I REALLY AM)

But then again, I'm the type of person who prefers to work on multiple projects at once. I tend to get bored with just one, so maybe that'll work better for you -- even if you're just sussing out which one you'd rather prioritize or work on :D

I'll try to keep an eye open for em, either way :>

Ah, I do admit comics can come with their stress... but that's mostly just when it's coupled with super strict deadlines and an opponent, a la OCT. I've been doing all right-ish at staying away from those, thankfully xD though sometimes the temptation can be great D:
January 17th, 2015
@Captain Ghost: Hm... Probably something fantasy-like, depending on the ideas I get!

Wah, really? Thank you...! I might try to continue this and also do a new one, just to see which seems to be the better path...

Oof, yeah, tell me about the guilt part... Shifts away nervously =v=;;; but it's good that it makes you happy! Better than stressed, that is~
Captain Ghost
January 17th, 2015
@Leelah: What kind of comic would you start, if you went with a new one? O:

I'd totally be game to read yours if you continued~ but sometimes a new comic can be the way to go, especially when it's been awhile. In the end it's up to you!

Updating comics makes me happy, I miss it a lot when I go too long without D: a bit of guilt in there, somewhere, as well XD
January 16th, 2015
@Captain Ghost: I'm really happy you remember me! And I'm glad you're glad, ahaha. Yeah, it's been a little while, to say the least--
And I don't think it's been stale-! As I was catching up on your comic I was really happy to see things like how your line quality has improved ww
I've actually been considering continuing mine, actually! That, or starting a new one, though I can't decide what to do... Though looking at how long you've managed to keep working on yours makes me motivated to try!