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Quickening: the ability to manifest your soul energy in the form of a weapon.


Tony Lockhart is a senior student who attends one of the most prestigious schools in the country: Rowan Academy, which is known for its discerning methods of teaching the art of Quickening and combat. Every day he faces giant robots, giant reptiles, rabid fangirls (but not HIS fangirls), sadistic teachers, and anything that can put him in a life-or-death situation. All for the greater cause. Or so they say.

But, really, he just wants to graduate with all his limbs intact.




Latest Comments

Comment on 107
RadicalTrain, 14 Apr 2016 02:34 am
Play along, play along.
Comment on 102
RadicalTrain, 14 Apr 2016 02:33 am
HE'S calling TONY a hedgehog? Count your spikes, bro.
Comment on 101
RadicalTrain, 14 Apr 2016 02:33 am
I like this face.
I hope blood and violence follow.
Comment on 097
RadicalTrain, 14 Apr 2016 02:32 am
Protective shield of darkness! Hope it stops them from destroying the airport.
Comment on 095
RadicalTrain, 14 Apr 2016 02:31 am
Fellow student knows how it is.
I wonder what THEIR teachers are like.. probably just as bad, if not worse.
Comment on 091
RadicalTrain, 14 Apr 2016 02:30 am
He gets a D at best.
Comment on 088
RadicalTrain, 14 Apr 2016 02:29 am
I wonder how airport security handles these guys.
Comment on 077
RadicalTrain, 14 Apr 2016 02:25 am
Continuity, who needs it!
Comment on 075
RadicalTrain, 14 Apr 2016 02:24 am
Don't call Tony! He said he forgot his phone.
Comment on 070
RadicalTrain, 14 Apr 2016 02:22 am
Someone is regretting this meeting.


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