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Quickening: the ability to manifest your soul energy in the form of a weapon.


Tony Lockhart is a senior student who attends one of the most prestigious schools in the country: Rowan Academy, which is known for its discerning methods of teaching the art of Quickening and combat. Every day he faces giant robots, giant reptiles, rabid fangirls (but not HIS fangirls), sadistic teachers, and anything that can put him in a life-or-death situation. All for the greater cause. Or so they say.

But, really, he just wants to graduate with all his limbs intact.




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Comment on 015
:) (Guest), 08 Apr 2014 11:39 pm
Comment on 014
Andrew Wolfwood, 26 Mar 2014 11:00 pm
Electric whips, cliche, but effective
Comment on 015
archiloquy, 26 Mar 2014 10:22 pm
Catching up. I might update a few more pages in a few days.
Comment on 014
archiloquy, 26 Mar 2014 10:20 pm
Sorry I don't know how to draw lightning/electricity. Sorry physics. Sorry science.
Comment on 013
:) (Guest), 25 Mar 2014 01:14 pm
Comment on 014
QuietGrace, 12 Mar 2014 03:20 pm
*sees 'marry me, Cain' sign* Heeey... Somebody beat me ;___;

I have to say, I only love him for his hair, though >_>
Comment on 007
QuietGrace, 12 Mar 2014 03:17 pm
Panel 4: *Sparkle sprakle* Awww, look how sweet and innocent those kids are!

Panel 5: Behold, the demon children of death, come to torment older brothers about their outfits and feast upon YOUR SOULS!
Comment on 006
QuietGrace, 12 Mar 2014 03:15 pm
O////O... He's cute...
Comment on 012
Andrew Wolfwood, 02 Mar 2014 11:22 pm
@archiloquy: February is like that with a lot of people. Happy your doing fine
Comment on 013
archiloquy, 02 Mar 2014 10:08 pm
For those who still remember Skiagraphia lol, the next chapter has already been written. I just figured out that it would be better if the next chapter will be posted in its entirety for better flow. So just hold on a little longer.


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