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by Webreever
In the distant future of 2211, a young female Half-Elf by the name of Deru, is about to partake in a quest that will rock the very foundation of this world and the universe.

At the end of Issue 5, Triune will be on an indefinite Hiatus.
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4 Years Ago
In the distant future of 2211, a young female Half-Elf by the name of Deru, is about to partake in a quest that will rock the very foundation of this world and the universe.

At the end of Issue 5, Triune will be on an indefinite Hiatus.


Recent Comments

Triune is back! Well, limited a bit. I'll be posting updates once a month or as often as I can. Currently, comic does not support me financially, and it may never, but I'll be damned if I stop because of it.

So for now, enjoy the new page, and I'll see everyone in about a month.

Don't forget to vote on TWC, I'll have a wallpaper up in the next month as well!

And...don't hate on the colors. This is only my 2nd or 3rd piece in MS5 in complete total, I'm still getting a hang of the brushes and pacing.

It's good to be back.
March 26th, 2015
Find the full story:
New news post:
Thanks for being here.

December 10th, 2014
This is the CURRENT page. We're running a little behind, so for a few updates I'll be uploading the current pages.
A mini-comic! The comic will be posted only on the main site, but the cover will appear on dA, on our FB page, and the alternate site at SmackJeeves.

Posts start on the 23rd of December through to the New Year, the 31st. The comic will be drawn entirely by myself. Issue 5 will start updating in the second half of January or beginning of February at the latest.

You can find the main site here:
And don't forget to vote on TWC for Triune!

October 16th, 2013
New Update Days
The comic now updates on Wednesdays!

Sorry if this is an inconvenience for anyone!

Issue 4
Working on pages and script still, but here's the cover!
September 14th, 2011
Triune Returns September 1st
Let the Hiatus commence! I will be out for about a month, writing the new issue, and rewriting Issue 1!

See y'all in a month!

Update 3/28/12: I made that post almost a year ago. There have been some ups and downs and pot holes along the route, but we're about halfway through Issue 1 now, and I predict we will finish Issue 1 by May or June, possibly July.

That said, I should be done writing the next issue (4) and starting the rewrite of Issue 2. I'll admit this redo I could have handled a lot better, so with that said, when we stop updating Issue 4, we will be half way or most of the way done with issue 2 rewrite. Meaning it will be a lot less time between updating Issue two and moving on with issue 5.

So, Issue 4 will commence on September 1st, and I'll have a back log of pages so we don't do this one at a time thing!

September 2nd, 2011
One page to Go!
Well this is the second to last page before the big HIATUS. Let me remind y'all the reason behind us taking this break:

1. I still have to write Issue 4, which should be as equally long, but more complex in design, story, and action sequences.

2. I will be rewriting Issues 1+2. Now don't worry there won't be much change, just a re organization. Also, when I first wrote Issue 1 and 2, I failed to write all of the text down. If I did, it is either long gone, or stacked up somewhere in a journal/art book that I have in a box somewhere.

3. Along with being rewritten, it will also be redrawn by my new artist Federico Dalman. I know that redrawing all...60+ pages will take a REALLY long time, so not all of it will be done by the end of the Hiatus, but hopefully we will have a big enough buffer (5-8 pages I hope) with a newer, redrawn page done every 2-4 weeks or so.

That said, I hope you enjoyed this comic up to this point, and hope to see you continually reading!

Late Posting is Late
Sorry y'all, but if you keep up with my twitter, then you would know two things: I have a second job now, and I have been exhausted for the past few days, for seemingly no reason other than I suck at getting a good amount of sleep.

Anyway, there should be an updated for Friday. Should, the operative word.

-The title of this page is based off a Martha Stewart quote.
-Sam's line in the middle panel is indeed from J.R.R. Tolkein's book The Hobbit.
-The pictures were taken by me at the Godsmack/Disturbed/Trivium concert.

All images were taken by me, and any images that contain TM symbols and/or images are protected by their respective parties.

You get it right?
Yes, a video game reference. GASP!?
Back on Schedule
Sorry for the prolonged update, but here is the new page. Expect another on Friday!

NEWS! Read below!
Monday and Fridays comic will not be appearing, this next week that is. I will be out of town enjoying myself at a rock concert. I'm sure I've mentioned it. Godsmack, Disturbed, Trivium, and Megadeth. I think I'll die of happiness. Nah, not until I see Amon Amarth and Rammstein, and Arch Enemy, and A7X.

Then I can die happy.

I will see you guys in about a week or so!

Update! Again!
Sorry about the wait folks, lot's going on right now, so I had to make this a Monday update. Homework, regular work, it's been a very...crowded week since I got more hours.

July 21st, 2011
New Techniques
There are two in this one, actually. I used my own handwriting for the VROOM! effect. I like it, it came out the way I wanted, and it came out looking pretty damn good. The second is I used two different shading colors, one for the light, natural light, and one for the artificial light.

Again, it came out well above my expectations. Now onto important stuff: If there is no update Friday, it is because I am OLD and TIRED. Not really, but still tired. Lots to do, and I have a concert on the 9th, so there might be a slight tiny hiatus before I go. Doubt it but be prepared for the worst.

See you Friday! Maybe!

Making Headway
On the pages, just one more now. We are updating on Mondays and Fridays, now, but Federico's been quite busy lately so, if we need to slow down again to Monday's so be it.

Till then enjoy the literal double post. This "bi-daily" if you will. I mean, if bi monthly is twice a year, bi weekly is twice a month, wouldn't bi daily mean twice a week?


Say hi:
Ahead of the Game
As I prep this to go up, it is the 29th of June, and it is hot as hell. A lot of my West Coast friends (no not CA, I mean the OTHER West Coast state friends, like OR and WA) are complaining of rainy shitty weather.

I can haz shitty weather? This mid-90's weather is killing us, slowly, and with no AC except a fan on high 24/7 it's making it damn near unbearable.

See you Friday my cats and dogs!

Today I get to talk to my lease company about how the milk died because our fridge is now just a big expensive box with a light in it. The only that works is the freezer, whoopee.

Pg. 22 Updates on the 4th of July
Pg. 23 Updates on the 11th of July
Pg. 24 Updates on the 15th of July

Just thought I'd give you guys a bit of a schedule, since we will be updating twice a week as of the 15th of July, which is really exciting.

See ya next week!


UPDATE: Good news folks, when my grandfather passed away last year he left us something in his will (2 guesses as to what it is, the first one doesn't count), and the estate is far from over. We should receive a check in the mail sometime in the next day or two, and it's pretty substantial. I will be able to save my home site. Now, if you're worried you won't be able to see any more updates here you are dead wrong. Just as I update at deviant art, I will continue to update here. This situation has taught me that I need to make more effective back up plans for things I consider important, so this is one of them. This site will be updated regularly, and without hesitation. Worry not, I will make SmackJeeves work, and you will get your 2x a week dose of Triune, rest assured.

Till next time, my fans!

As odd as it might sound, I do cry when I have to write these kinds of things. What does that make the second character I've killed off in 20 pages? This is getting out of hand. No worries, there is more action coming up soon!

Today is March 30th 2011...
Is the day I'm updating this scheduled comic! Which means we are a month ahead of schedule! Only one more month and we'll be ready to roll out 2x a week updates! Yay!