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The life of dapper arthropods who happen to have very long legs.


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Oh dear, it appears I've fallen in love with another dead comic. And here I was making OCs and all. Ah well, splendid work, dear author, absolutely splendid.
Finding something beautiful and then finding it's over is such a tragedy. Oh well, I will remember you, Mr. Harvestman, Mr. Crane, and, oh yes, Mr. Scapegrace. Thank you.
Aww.... it's too bad that it hasn't updated since 2011.... I hope someday you'll start drawing it again... I love the funny characters! PleaSE draw it again!
another casualty
Man, that's too bad... I read this a while ago, and I finally came back to see that...
exactly nothing had changed.
Bummer. But regardless, this is certainly a recommended read. It's freakin' beautiful.
@volatileAnarchy: ah yes, I was a homesticker once.
*narrows eyes*
i warned u bout those stairs bro! 8y ((Don't know it popular term or if your a Homestuck, I hope its the latter))
I found this comic by following another commenter from another web comic. I am sad that it is no longer updating, as I really love the artistic and literary style, as well as the combination of creep and cute!
A Spider
I never thought I'd have a thing for a spider character. He really doesn't know the meaning of tact.

Now I'm going to continue to re-read this comics...
SCANDAL! Mrs. Mantis and Mr. Mantis raise nymphs TOGETHER! :3
i can't believe it's been exactly two years where has the time and one of my favorite webcomics gone
@Darling: never?! But how :C
even if you don't update I still love you
Panel 11
In panel 11, is that some sort of image spot or is the termite impaled upon his horn?
Puns, puns everywhere!
So... Doctor House? ;)
I think the lamp there is a lightning bug? I hope so. x3

Also, where the heck did he end up? My first guess was a dog, then a Raid / Bug Trap.
April 2nd, 2012
I love this ladybug woman's design!
you can't be mad at ether one of them!
they are both just tooo cute.
i had no idea harvestman was that fast of an eater.