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And now the tale of a party of adventurers who got lost in a dungeon ... and the one Paladin who had no choice but to try and save them. It's Character Development. Daily updated Playmobil toy photo-comic.


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It is with a little sadness, but also relief, that I take a break from Character Development. It has been a big part of my life for over three years, and while it gained a loyal audience, it was a small, quiet audience. Right now I’m focusing on learning to draw, something that doesn’t come easy to a middle-aged man, and writing some of the more neglected ideas that have been bouncing around my head these last few years. But at some point in the future I’m sure I’ll find myself drawn back to this motley crew of adventurers, and chronicle another joke-filled quest to save the world from themselves.
The penultimate page of the adventure ...
Very small army then, unless that bag is a dimensional pocket
Figures they would of forgotten about the quest
Will things end nicely?
Next Episode : the stunning conclusion.
But what about ... ?
Next episode ... The Barbarian argues with herself.
That does seem fairly normal for the Thief.
Yes it looks very complicated
This could get complicated ...