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Be-Twin is an amateur comic which smells of powder, shootings, and the mafia. Its true premise however, centers around two destinies which have, with difficulty, found their place in this dangerous world. Two individuals who are different in every way… or perhaps… not very different at all.

I upload pages every two weeks, on Sundays.
I’m French, so please forgive any mistakes I may make. I really wanted to share this story with my non-French readers. ;-;

Thank you so much for reading... >w<


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Comment on 14
Liz♥ (Guest), 17 Dec 2014 12:48 am
Farewell soon
@Maiwenn: Ooh a webcomic ending christmas present, not that sure if I'll be happy when its gone, but I'm still happy! haha :D
Comment on 14
Maiwenn, 07 Dec 2014 03:28 am
It's official, Baba is a troll (yeah, I know, you already knew that), but a very organised troll! X'D
Next update will be the end of the story. It will be a big amount of pages but you'd kill me if I cut it, and by the way I think the reading will be better that way.
See you a bit before christmas everyone!
Comment on 10
Maiwenn, 07 Dec 2014 03:22 am
And at last comes the double sens of the title of the story. X')
Comment on 06
Maiwenn, 06 Dec 2014 01:57 pm
@The_Time_Hunter: It's been only 450 pages you're waiting for this. XD;

@Pauperfish: Hahahahaha! X'D Thank you, for knowing a bit Korean dramas, I appreciate the compliment. A lot! Thank you so much! <3

@Liz&#9829;: Oh my... For a self made artist like me, knowing my narrative skills are not that bad is really heart warming and encouraging. Thanks SO MUCH to YOU!!! <3
Comment on 06
Liz♥ (Guest), 04 Dec 2014 05:17 pm
I am so in love with your artwork and you truly amaze me with your writing skills and wonderful placement!
I'm sad that the end is coming soon but I am so happy that I found this comic, it has truly inspired me and I wish you the best in your career!

Thanks so much for being you!!!!!!
Comment on 06
Pauperfish, 24 Nov 2014 10:10 am
I am over the moon with all the drama. And it's not like a Korean soap opera with amnesia and long lost lovers. I love your art and writing. <3
Comment on 06
The_Time_Hunter, 23 Nov 2014 11:25 pm
Dude. Finally.
Comment on 06
The_Time_Hunter, 23 Nov 2014 10:15 pm
I agree! I especially love the boots!
Comment on 00
Maiwenn, 23 Nov 2014 02:34 pm
Here we go for the end of the adventure! =)
Comment on 30
Maiwenn, 23 Nov 2014 02:16 pm
@basia122: Haha, it's the litteral translation of a french expression, I'm not sure there is a equivalent but I think the expression talks by itself... X')


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