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"Killyjoy" is an adult neo-noir/science-fiction comic about an elite taskforce of psionic internal affairs officers in charge of investigating the rest of the psionic police forth in order to see if they are abusing their powers. They are part of the MPIS (Ministry of Psionic Integrity and Security). These officers are nicknamed "Killjoys", because they just seem to rain on everyone's parade. Spencer Solomon, a fresh faced naive young recruit straight from basic training, has reservations about joining the oddball group of Killjoys. Comprising the rest of the Killjoy team is Fabian Holst, a straight lace bureaucrat on the edge of retirement, and Maire Bluenote, a rebellious free spirited Irish woman whose current hair color changes more often than her boyfriends. They all work together under the Prime Minster of MPIS, Sherman Siofra. A very moody, cynical, and disparaging man with a shrouded past.

Art and original concept by Thomas Shaner
Cool logo by Shayne Cassidy
Website design by Bratchan
Written by Andrew M. Henderson
Character designs by Shayne Cassidy/ Carlos Cara
Honorary members: Smbhax, Otomo and Mike Jackson.
Colors by Ester Salguero


Recent Comments

September 13th, 2013
A preview of the redone artwork.
August 10th, 2013
I'm reworking most of the comic pages.
Cool Logo by the talented Perry Constantine (I hope I didn't mispell his last name). It will be on the comic book.
Wonderful colors by Ester.

The comic book is coming together very well.
February 11th, 2013
This one was a bit harder to letter. I got it done. Ten more pages and we can be nominated for a smack jeeve award. Of course I can dream. I wil have to rearrange the comic so it is in order.

Thanks for reading.
February 10th, 2013
I'm skipping a page ahead because it was easier to letter. Page 19 will be put up this coming week. Sorry for the confusion.
Staples did a really bad job scanning both 19-20. I get them both done. Now to letter them, which will happen next week.
Colors by Ester.
Drawn and inked by Me.
January 21st, 2013
Colors by Ester.
Drawn and Inked by me.
Colors by Ester Salguero
Inked and Drawn by Thomas Shaner
Here is the cover to the comic book of Killjoy.

I'm very sorry for the late of updates for this webcomic. I'm starting work on the next two pages of Andrew's script. More pages are on the way.

Kickstarter for the comic book is forth coming.
November 16th, 2012
Thanks for reading. Enjoy!
Guest art by Vas LittleCrow of Maire. Thank you!
November 5th, 2012
Sorry it took so long to update. I'm working on page 18 after this.
September 18th, 2012
Sorry for this being late. I've had a lot of real life issues come up. Enjoy!
Marshell Pratt is the rogue cop and sherman's arch enemy. He is very punk rock inspired. Marshall is a equal/if not more badass compared to Sherman's badassness. A villain who does not care if the world burns. (To quote Dark Knight)
August 12th, 2012
Page 16 didn't turn out the way I wanted. So I'm redoing it. Also, I'm going to force myself to do backgrounds for the rest of the series.

Thanks for reading.
August 3rd, 2012
Page 14 finally got done.It was a labor of love. Sherman is kind of a badass. You would be moody too if your memories were wiped clean.
July 14th, 2012
First Apperance of Sherman, Leader of the Killjoys and the MPIS. Also the "Boss from hell". lol
June 26th, 2012
Page 12 is done finally. New font "yadayadayada". A old x-men font used back in the 90's: When I was a HUGE fan of X-men.