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Champions and Heroes - Age of Dragons

Champions and Heroes - Age of Dragons

by zenat
In a land far away, or possibly in a dimension just next to us, lies the lands of Thedas. The world of Thedas is made up by endless possibilities - a man can be a mage, a rogue, a warrior, even a woman. From the Free Marches to Ferelden we find champions and heroes saving the world... poorly.

Updates Mondays. Also available on tumblr and can be supported via patreon or society6
All hail Bioware.
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Champions and Heroes - Age of Dragons

In a land far away, or possibly in a dimension just next to us, lies the lands of Thedas. The world of Thedas is made up by endless possibilities - a man can be a mage, a rogue, a warrior, even a woman. From the Free Marches to Ferelden we find champions and heroes saving the world... poorly.

Updates Mondays. Also available on tumblr and can be supported via patreon or society6
All hail Bioware.


Recent Comments

@zenat: isn't the person who end up marrying is the one we love but want to strangle?
We love the bald egg because he's a crotchety old man.

We hate the bald egg because he's a crotchety old man.
Sounds like you just want to hate-f*ck him all the time. :p
I remember the game of wicked grace is hard if you don't have good dex or cunning, and blackwall is all str and con. And I do not think inquisition lets you choose the other option with isabela and alistair. I miss that option, would be good to have it just for the funny and I believe the option should be included in the keep.
@mamiser: My major problem with it is, that sometimes you get locked out of content (eg. companion quests,character interactions and such) if you don't say and do what the character wants to hear/see.

PoE2 is a good example for NOT doing that, allowing you to do the quests regardless of relation level.(I think that it does at least XD)
@Sharp-Claw: Honestly? I really liked that about PoE1 and ME2. Pellagina may have different political views about a certain group and frown at me during conversation, but she doesn't do hissy fit because of it.

When it comes to "rating" the relationship with bars then I found that I either just don't bother with some companions or on later replays of the game know and manipulate in advance who to take on what mission/region or what to say to make them friendly. I have to be really comfortable with game with this mechanic to roleplay without planing out friendships, and just letting it all go naturally.

I understand measuring, and sometimes I like it, but having friendship based on words is less fun than the one build on actions.
Seeing this makes me think about how these relation bars with companions kind of hamper the roleplaying. At least if there is only a storyline if you increase it.
you can roleplay of course, BUT you are only rewarded if you flip-flop around and please all of your companions. It is better to give questlines and reactions to increasing and decreasing relationships like DA2 was trying to do.

Sorry if this was a bit rambly....
I tried.
I wanted to give Solavellan hell a go. It's just... every time Solas opens his mouth I want to smack him over the head. Every. Damn. Time.

I should probably add that I have a rule not to include characters I really don't like, so, just to be clear, I like Solas. But I also want to strangle him. Then again, I've gotten the impression that this is the norm in fandom.
*waves frantically at Last Flight*
So anyway, I never let her join the Wardens so never knew what happened if she did but hoo boy does that make brutal sense. Thanks Bioware!
I understand why Duncan is so dogged about it, what with the Grey Wardens being the only good weapon there is against the Blight, but they really should spend the intervening years and centuries looking for another way. Or, at the very least, making like Avernus and seeing what can be done to improve their condition.
I'm not really head over heels with the Grey Wardens. It probably has something to do with my attempts to avoid joining them and Duncan being a bit of a douchecan about it... but nevertheless, I had Blackwall with me when I came across Jana in Crestwood and, you know... I'm weak. I want my companions to be happy.
I didn't think it was a big deal.

... yeah. That went well.
Oh Aloth... He's my best girl since 1st one as well.

This game... I started playing over a year ago, and almost a few days latet had to quit (no time). It was ment to be short term until I get more time to fully enjoy it, but look at me now.
@zenat: Also Grunt, from ME2 & 3, as well as Wilson in ME2's intro. General Leonidas in Titan Quest. The stormtrooper comm dude in Star Wars: Empire At War. Zabuza Momochi in Naruto. Pyre Fierceshot and the male player in Guild Wars. Rytlock Brimstone in Guild Wars 2. A bunch of guards in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Eliphas the Inheritor in WH40K: Dawn of War, Cyrus in Dawn of War 2. Sam in Metro: Exodus. And these are just the roles I remember off the top of my head. He's uhh... he's been around.
@zenat: I vaguely remember this, if you have a low int score you might lose some (potential) influence but this can be made up by being benevolent. I remember using berath's blessings, and sacrificing devil of carac in order to boost stats while having maximum dex and might, good enough int. I did dump resolve and which did remind me of my rogue/fighter from iwd2*.

But what I remember most are nemnok, the floating skull pet, and when my godlike watcher was given a helm as a prize it just fell off and they gave her a cape instead.

But yeah Aloth has seniority aka one or more games worth of ost that the others lack. Such seniority is deadly as it doesn't require reason only fan demand, so when a studio does comply there tends to be a certain appeal. I have seen it I think five times.

*she was a drow who had no weaknesses, maximum str/con good dex, except for her will save(wisdom 3). If a charm person spell hit her the other characters would run and wait far away until it wore off.
@wildmageguy: Aw man, but then I would have to replay NWN and I just don't have that sort of time, hrnghhhh but even so...

@Nayra Evhren: Honestly, in the case of Monster Prom there are so many random elements that it's a trial and error and enjoy the failures sort of a situation. The journey is the fun part after all.
And if you got 2 years of enjoyment out of a game I recommended, I'm VERY happy :D

@DorkReturneth: I have only heard tales of this ending, and I'm kind of... sad I never got it? I mean, that would be the the crowning moment of 'poor romance choices' for me.

@Ardruna: I figured, but Scott is just... I dunno... not really my type? Is it because he's not complicated enough and I actually have a decent chance? Look, nobody knows, nobody will ever know, sometimes things just are the way they are and we shouldn't spend too much time thinking about it...
September 2nd, 2019
@Deonis: But I want to be this guy. He is amazing.

@Akhyléus: Hah! I have only ever seen that on youtube, but I agree it is glorious. I use Solas as my guide to Thedas, so I don't think I even get the option to say that. And I tend to go for the "kill it with kindness" approach so...

@Broseidon: A+ excellent storyline all the way through
September 2nd, 2019
@Akhyléus: Honestly I feel bad for Cullen, but at the same time... don't gamble something you're not ready to lose? And that includes your dignity, man.

@Broseidon: See those three and Varric? I'd hesitate. I would 100% underestimate Josephine because she is such a sweetheart.

@Sharp-Claw: .... booooo BOOOOOOOOO (addition to spirit pun not intended)
@Deonis: I did! And it was horrible! I went down there WAY before I was ready (I had to hurry, a man's life was at stake!) and relied on stealth and tears to get out. I died so many times I almost quit the entire game - and that is how I learned to look at the difficulty rating before charging in.

@Broseidon: You say this and I have no idea who Steve Blum is... so I checked... Oghren and first enchanter Irving has the same voice actor?????

@Sharp-Claw: Ok so, here's the thing. My brain is good at remembering two (2) things: stories and pets. I will remember things you tell me about your pet before I remember your name. And since I only have one playthrough in PoE2 I only needed a quick look in the journal to remember where I was.
Everything else? Ehhhhhhh...
After half a year you can just continue ?!
I always HAVE TO start over when I drop a game for 1-2 months (which I do too often).
Then I burn out on playing the start AGAIN and drop it for another time...and the cycle continues.
If ever unsure about who's voice acting what, remember that it's Steve Blum. Every time.