Champions and Heroes - Age of Dragons

In a land far away, or possibly in a dimension just next to us, lies the lands of Thedas. The world of Thedas is made up by endless possibilities - a man can be a mage, a rogue, a warrior, even a woman. From the Free Marches to Ferelden we find champions and heroes saving the world... poorly.

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All hail Bioware.


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23 hours ago
@Guest: ..what? know i'm talking about a video game right?
@Draven22: So? LOL I'm sure the vacatian wont mind a little looting! Just claim the proceeds of sales go to benefit starving children in africa and such! Then if they say you cant record it and broadcast it live on youtube calling the outrage of their hypocrisy! heh
@zenat: Aw man...I just looked up pictures of that crypt. It looks AWESOME, in a macabre way. I like it.
January 18th, 2017
@zenat: long indeed...i'm still in the fucking hinterlands trying to do quests...i only went and saved the sister giselle lady and its been side quest ever since XD...also i went elven mage =3=
January 18th, 2017
@Deonis: Alas, no, but one day! This time, I visited Italy and had a peek at the capuchin crypt and it was amazing. Sweet and morbid at the same time, I definitely recommend it if you have a chance and don't mind, well, human bones.

@Guesty Guestface: I did! Aside from some misadventures because busses and whatnot failed to leave on time.

@Draven22: Ah! Congrats on getting it working at last. You've got a long journey ahead of you... possibly multiple journeys indeed.

@mamiser: Not fictional at all! The capuchin crypt is located in Rome, and if you pass through you should definitely have a look if that is your thing. Hell, if you enjoy history pretty much all of Rome is going to be your thing. I had a quick visit and there is still *so much* I want to see.

@Robert Archer: Haha, I do believe it is bad form to loot the vatican's museum. What I should have done is loot some sunscreen from a store. I'm embarrassed to say that my pale skin got a little bit crispy in the January sun in Italy. I suppose there's a reason redheads tend not to live there.
Robert Archer (Guest)
January 18th, 2017
Don't Forget!
To loot every chest, body, and pile of trash/dung/junk! Every bit counts!
mamiser (Guest)
January 17th, 2017
If it's not fictional,then it seems like a nice place with a history behind it. I envy you a little bit at the moment.
January 16th, 2017
have a good time! i know i am wiht inquesition..just got it! took forever to figure out the tapestry shit..and now i will probably have a shit ton of worlds >3>...also WHY have my last side quest at the beggining of the game be inside the hq when it triggers a damn cutscene QAQ
Have a good time!
January 16th, 2017
French Catacombs?
@zenat: yeah, she regrets putting that much trust in him by the end
@Shaleene: I'm actually kinda amazed how genuinely offended I was.

@Insert_Witty_Username: Ah yes, ever helpful Solas...

@Guesty Guestface: Ahahahaha... ahhh... ah yes. That :I
January 9th, 2017
@Guesty Guestface: 50 blood mages for 1 Hawke. Or 1 Qunari invasion.
Oh, wait until you hear about your vallaslin HA HA HA it's not really funny.
Maybe Kirkwall takes exchanges if you don't have the receipt.
@Jen: yea true, but in..this context it kinda was like a umm...slang or curse word being used..espeically with how much..HATRED its usually flung at people with
@Draven22: ^^ Well, the word means "quick children" so I guess, to the ancient elves or any elf that is still immortal, it means a person (independent of race) who is mortal/dies or passes quickly.
@Sharp-Claw: i think at this point shemlen is just a slang word for "dirty non elvish elf like us"
My dwarf was confused, thought "shemlen" was meant for humans only...
My quizzy was just very "????? excuse you??????" and most likely looks to Solas for explanation because he seems to understand all the super elf-y shit that's going down