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Champions and Heroes - Age of Dragons

Champions and Heroes - Age of Dragons

by zenat
In a land far away, or possibly in a dimension just next to us, lies the lands of Thedas. The world of Thedas is made up by endless possibilities - a man can be a mage, a rogue, a warrior, even a woman. From the Free Marches to Ferelden we find champions and heroes saving the world... poorly.

Updates Mondays. Also available on tumblr and can be supported via patreon or society6
All hail Bioware.
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Champions and Heroes - Age of Dragons

In a land far away, or possibly in a dimension just next to us, lies the lands of Thedas. The world of Thedas is made up by endless possibilities - a man can be a mage, a rogue, a warrior, even a woman. From the Free Marches to Ferelden we find champions and heroes saving the world... poorly.

Updates Mondays. Also available on tumblr and can be supported via patreon or society6
All hail Bioware.


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I cannot believe the ask was answered. Well, Viconia would always be #1 cleric, or at least the bar is set pretty high.

Given your love of the option of playing evil, Boethiah, is an elder scrolls a daedric prince of deceit worshiped mainly by Dunmer along with Mephala and Azura (elder scrolls universe), who is refereed to as both genders. S/he has a quest where one can sacrifice a follower (a pretty evil act) to gain a suit of armor to get the quest you read a nasty book called Boethiah's Calling (always read in this game). This is particularly vile if you kill one of the nicer characters.

But yes, there has been a sort of decline the only sort of 'evil' choice but I suppose when heroism has no cost to you aside from MURDER, than it is easy to make. But thinking about it you can have option to gain at someone else's expense without any negative effect to you. I suppose the only evil choice I remember from dragon age 3 was sparing a demon or partnering with that guy from Sera's quest (the first gave a net negative reward for just killing him, the evil option should be evil and give a net positive reward compared to the good option, to balance the evil, like killing that guy for Mehrunes Dagon, or killing that dunmer dude for Vaermina see evil outcome=ingamereward+feelingofguilt). Its simple but skyrim does it right.

But Vicnonia is pretty sweet and before the enhanced edition she didn't really have that much competition. She looks a little annoyed here. Between: mom Jahiera, Anomen I want to be a noble knight who kills some innocent lass, and Aerie sorry you lost your soul but my wings.

After the enhanced edition she still has some competition (which she beats), but at least the new characters don't want be to want to rip my ears out. Really aught to commend them on a decline in annoyingness of characters, Sera and PB are a little annoying at times but compared to the others on the list it is a step in the right direction.

But if da4 is in the imperium I don't think you will be able to do 6(free) and 16(villain) at the same time at least. Still hoping for 7 though. and 40ish? ha, no more like ~6000, ~109, or ~200 year olds. I think you also forgot Loghain hopefully returning and surviving the giant death spiders.

And as for evil option one I cannot help but see is from DA2/DAO. 1keep slaves--> gain that money. 2free slaves--> you get a thank you letter from some of them and nothing else. It like selling Fenris.

I do know some mods for some games, but how does Edwins transformation effect the content?

Also, yes the elf with the blindfold, great image. what makes a first play through special is the bumbling. Like when the lights go out and you have a cellphone at 15% power and you need to use the flashlight to find out what just happened.
Ah BG....
Back in the day and even now with enhanced, I STILL play male elf (modded as drow) and bang viconia, class is usually paladin (of what god heck if i know! myself i guess? :P) then redeem viconia and with a bit more modding get a happy ending for my lady in grey :D on variation is where i'm still that paladin drow and while she's not 'evil' she's not redeemed either
And now with color!
Realized that I had a colored version of this sitting in an old folder, while you ended up seeing only the lineart. Well! No more!
January 15th, 2018
'The ability to go full villain myself' & 'Consequences' :D Not good combination if you want to survive XD
Tried to keep Loghain alive for as long as possible. But, this is where he finally met his probable end.
I am the god of hellfire...AND I BRING YOU...!
No, we will need cured Krogan, or the vorcha, just send in the swarms of them at the enemy, we have reserves.

But the quarian ark might be condensed into me5 (hopefully) given the transmission.

Because honestly, I cannot think of any species which would be more anti-kett than the vorcha. Think about it: genetic material quick to mutate, lifespan short, can go crazy if you try to indoctrinate them or keep them prisoner for too long, can grow used to hostile environments quickly. They would be difficult to kettify (using Peebee's phrase) That being said I can see why they might have problems with their own ark.

But I do agree on quarians, they will bring the hi...I mean the technical experience which might be of great use to the remnant.
Yeaaaa.. it's explained that due to the Quarians, Volus, Hanar, and Drell had special needs for the "nap" to get to Andromeda, so they went in their own ship... Shame we will never go after that Arc as It WAS PLANNED DLC that got cancelled.
@zenat: he should totally write a book. "i'm with a crazy nerdy ginger - a tale of a survivor" =D

also seriously, where can i get that shirt? i must have one!
@Blazypika2: Please, don't encourage him. And yes, my shirt is most accurate.

@schtinsu: They do, at the very end I believe. But I still don't understand why the quarians and the turians didn't cooperate. Why didn't the quarians go first? All that experience! All those skills!

@Norgrath: But why team the quarians with anyone other than the turians? Food and all, I mean, they are the best combo. And I'm guessing it's... going to be unlikely more people are going to make it, what with incoming reapers and whatnot.
I'm almost certain that they said at some point in the game that the Quarian arc had multiple other species on it. Since Quarians needed it anyway they made the modifications to the systems necessary for species with specific environmental needs.
Dont they say ingame that the quarians have an arc? Only that it got delayed somehow? Other than that totally been up asking the same queastions! Where are my drell?? :'( And what about the Hanar? Ive been waiting three games to witness them swim! Come on Bioware, you tease..
poor jonas xD

PS: i love the shirt, so accurate *nods*
@zenat: yeah i get what you are saying, but seeing as dorian is pretty neutral about it, i'd rather have that conversation with someone who is in favor of slavery, like maevaris. while RPing as an ex-slave of course =D
January 6th, 2018
@Blazypika2: I know, but it's not much of a conversation. Better than the Cullen convo about what happened in Kirkwall, but you know...
@zenat: we can in inquisition, you need to ask about tevinter and then there is an option to ask about slavery.
January 4th, 2018
@davesin: Horns and big beefcakes in all honor, but I think coexistence with the turians is more likely to happen. And I'm a sucker for a nice voice, which is like 100% of all turians.

@wildmageguy: You ask as if I would answer with anything but "yes"? ????

@schtinsu: If I at the age of 150 go out because I tried to hug a reaper, then that is fine with me.
January 4th, 2018
@Blazypika2: Here's hoping we actually get to talk to Dorian about slavery this time! (bitter? me? nooo)
January 4th, 2018
wildmageguy asked a few new questions... and I aim to please. The regular comics will return next week <3

* "elfffffffpower" An inside joke from the first roleplaying game I ever game mastered for. My players were horrible people, playing horrible characters, and they were all elves. And some of them couldn't spell... and carved that into the back of a dead guard. Just because. Basically, let me side with Solas and bring about a new dawn for elves! GIMME! (for a second playthrough)