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Champions and Heroes - Age of Dragons

In a land far away, or possibly in a dimension just next to us, lies the lands of Thedas. The world of Thedas is made up by endless possibilities - a man can be a mage, a rogue, a warrior, even a woman. From the Free Marches to Ferelden we find champions and heroes saving the world... poorly.

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All hail Bioware.


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True we do bring these three a lot of places BUT! the ageless question of WHAT sarah is aiming herself to hurl at must be answered next comic please! *puppy eyes*
@Ardnax: Personally I missed being able to be a blood mage and still be all righteous about it. It was a fine tradition, I tell you.

@SopranoCat: H-he's new to this, he's trying! (Do you use the bottle of wine to murder people and then give their bodies to the object of your affections?)
@Draven22: Even capable of running at you!

@Sharp-Claw: [Disgusted noise]

@Pingvin: I've done a little archery, and yeah... one definitely hope so...

@Guesty Guestface: Well, if you buy the right skills for the two of them you can speed it up and THEN...

@Robert Archer: Where DON'T we bring this?
Things i actually want to see on dragon age

How interesting that i was just playing and i actually had the three on the team
Quiz, baby, the bodies are a great first step. But there comes a time when a handsome young man wants a little more commitment. That second panel he's clearly angling for a kiss--notice the hand sublty pointing towards his face? And when you reach a whole -pile- of bodies? Anything short of a candlelit dinner where you awkwardly hide the ring with small stones tastefully set into a skull shape is just pushing your luck. Dorian's a catch. Some romantic is gonna come along and sweep his feet out from under him if you're not careful. I do have this 50-year-old bottle of Tevinter white handy..... ~waggles eyebrows~
For me though...
The BIG question is WHERE did we bring these too and WHAT are they aiming Sarah at?! We need answers in the next comic!
...I see nothing wrong with this, Dorian...other than a long reload time.
Given what I know about bows from writing a Dalish Warden, I cringe and hope Bull's horns have a degree of flexibility to them.
That one is a real "STINGER"(wink wink, nudge nudge).
...portable balista o3o
I like how Dorian-and-Quizzy's necromancy wasn't blood magic, unlike that dude in DA2. Kinda makes me think there should have been an awkward chat with Hawke about picking up the necromancer specialty though, given what happened to Hawke's mother and all. At least Varric could have mentioned it to give everyone who played 2 a bad case of the Feels.
@Sharp-Claw: Why is anyone a necromancer? My kneejerk reaction is "waste not, want not" but I suspect the correct answer is "power" ... and also "*someone* had to be"

@Drew-Weis96: Haha he tries!

@EloriaNekoi: If only Dorian felt the same...

@Guesty Guestface: YES! ... and then a few more... just in case he's being shy about how many he actually wants.

@Guest: Oh no, you're absolutely right D: How rude of me, I... I will just... scrub them in the nearest river? Is that the correct way to go about it?
If you're gonna give Dorian bodies as a gift, you should be considerate enough to wash the blood off first. Clean bodies have higher approval ratings!
Q: How many bodies could a Cadash thug huck if a Cadash thug could huck bodies?

April 17th, 2017
@Guesty Guestface: That is a question I have no answer to, but it is a contributing factor to Baldur's Gate being the best.

@Guest: To be fair, you don't put the squishy mage in the front. And most of the time the magic works like normal... most of the time...

@warrion: Why not... both? Why not suffer through the pain of an all mage party, knowing that every battle lasting more than one round will be hell?

@wild mage guy: At least you will have something to talk to Edwin about, come BG2?
wild mage for life, their spells are awesome can cast level 8 or 9 spells with a level one slot. Even if my character sometimes ends up a woman for a day in the first game. chaos shield is your friend.
This might well be one my favourite episode so far! XDD
@Sharp-Claw: In Tevinter they study all kinds of magic, knowledge is power and all. Even forbidden -blood- magic (but that a common knowledge hush-hush...!) I believe he found fascinating the study of the circle of life so he focused his research on that. It could even be that he had a aptitude for that kind of magic. I am not entirely sure if he mentions anything specific in cannon about his choice, only that he is a genius in all things magic in general :P
That's about lore reasons, the game mechanics reason is that there was the need for a mage necromancer in the followers list, what what better than a character from Tevinter, where no subject is a forbidden study (unlike in the Circles in most other places...!)
Oh my god, your Cadash inquisitior is so cute!
Why exactly IS he a necromancer again ? I thought that was a Nevarran thing.