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By The Book

After stumbling across a copy of 'The Adventurers Handbook 3.5' an orc, goblin and kobold decide to leave the dungeon and become mighty adventurers!
Updates every Wednesday and Saturday.

Recent Comments

I was actually expecting something like the Tanuki god is really a pervy virgin that really don't know what to do when it comes to having sex with hot chick.
Yes-That's it. There's no hidden meaning in it. I used Kazu because I already had the design and she was the most prominent female character at the time :)
Have also missed the Censor Fairies :D
And they have always looked like TGK, don't believe there is anything more to it than Peter needing them to look like someone (would they rather they looked like Zeen? or pervRath? o_O)

Good on TGK for standing her grounds and not boinking the Perv God :P
I don't know what you mean, Panther. It's just a hot-dog. A foot long pillar of glistening meat stuffed between two buns and dripping with sauce. How could anyone interpret that as anything rude or suggestive? ;D
Can it be ?
Censor bar required ; really ?

*Looks at the hot-dog panel*

What if/when the censoring is worse than the free view ? =^_^=
Wow-Number 2 in the Top Web Comic charts right now. That doesn't happen very often. Thanks for all your votes! :D
I try to listen to my readers. Besides, I don't know if a word balloon would have done it that time. Balls boobs and butts are okay. That might have been a bit much XD

Seems the others weren't too thrilled tho. ;_;
I don't plan on using the faries very much. Somebody said they missed them so I thought I'd give them an outing :)

The censor bar was required, Specter ;) I expect I'll put the uncut version on FA at some point.
Personally I always found the censor fairies to be intrusive. I prefer the hiding stuff behind word balloons tactic. However that said this is a dream world scenario so it makes a lot more sense here as it may be her subconscious causing the fairy to appear.
Great policy she has there.

... still trying to figure out if the censor bar was really required (beyond the normal limitations of the internet's rules), considering it really left nothing to the imagination.
Oh look the censor fairy is back. Thank you for humoring me Peter XD.

Told you there was another way. Poor Tanuki still has his v-card.
March 17th, 2019
Total fail
WOW , so cute first panel . Asking to myself how Kazu has succeed to resist , she's not a strong willpower

Last panels : shake hands contracted when Tanuki wanted some fun time ; feel very sorry for him X_X
Wait... she's royalty and the censor fairies kinda look like her... is she queen of the censor fairies?!

If so, that feels like a conflict of interest to be a servant to such a pervy god.
March 16th, 2019
Kazu avoids temptation and outwits the wily (and horny) god of theives! Will this prove a match made in heaven or the road to damnation? They do say the road to hell is paved with stolen underwear. Or do they? I don't know any more. It's very late where I am :P We're into the one page per week phase of the month, so the next page will be out on Saturday! If you want more pages (and more bonus content) then please back me on Patreon. More backing means more time to work on the comic.

If you already back me then thanks a lot! I'd probably have been forced to give up by now if not for you guys :) Or at the very least I wouldn't have been able to keep producing at the rate I have been. You have my thanks! :D

Also-Keep voting as there may be a special hidden version of the vote pic still to unlock ;)



Nah, I'm afraid that they will have to use the old blood signature
March 14th, 2019
It's complicated. I think it's okay to try to win another person over via charm and proving to them that you can be trusted and are worth their time BUT it's very important that nobody is ever pressured into something that they don't want to do.
March 14th, 2019
@Guesticus ; If the lady says yes, run away as far and fast as you can because she is only trying to frame you for a sexual harassment claim.
March 14th, 2019
What no monopoly peter? That worked so well for Perrick and Yarost though!
If the Lady says 'NO!', back the fuck off!!!