By The Book

By The Book

by peteranckorn
After stumbling across a copy of 'The Adventurers Handbook 3.5' an orc, goblin and kobold decide to leave the dungeon and become mighty adventurers!
Updates every Wednesday and Saturday.
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By The Book

After stumbling across a copy of 'The Adventurers Handbook 3.5' an orc, goblin and kobold decide to leave the dungeon and become mighty adventurers!
Updates every Wednesday and Saturday.

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2 hours ago
For help
Expendable warriors , Zeen ........ Do you really want Rambo and his friends ? XD
He moans a lot but he knows who's boss. Alice is the daddy bear in this team ;)
You really don't want to ask her where she has been storing it (along with her bow and arrow that seemed to appear out of nowhere... )
As Green Arrow will tell you, a bow can be a handy melee weapon (and, if you can get it over their head, it can make a nifty garrotte in a pinch)
Have to admit, as much as BunnyRath is complaining, he is following instructions... so far
The lost weapon
@ JL :

I remember it , but we haven't seen this weapon since a long time ..... I think Kazu has lost it while fighting against Galanoth ?
I'm in love with these updates and the talk about rules
@Panther- She's got a greatclub almost as big as she is stowed away, I think she has close range covered.
Kazu's future
A bow is fine for long range attacks , but the foes are actually very close . What Kazu will do in short range fight ? She has no sword or dagger weapon apparently
Team work! It's true-sometimes attack is not the best approach. When you're outnumbered by an unknown foe it can be a good idea to turtle up. Despite her timid nature, Alice is easily the most experienced warrior on the team at the moment-so listen to what she has to say, Rath! ;P

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June 23rd, 2017
All is futile
All this for a magic stone being no more here : dumb cultists

I hope the nemean will put a stop to it by taking the silly circus away .......
I just realised that the boss bloke looks like the leader of the Blue Meanies apart from his lack of an azure complexion. :)
June 22nd, 2017
Sexy ?
@ Dalus :

From this strip :
There is , at least , a woman cultist . But i doubt that a zombie like flesh colored woman is very attractive , especially if she's just become a pile of oversized muscles ........ X_X
Dalus (Guest)
June 22nd, 2017
Please tell me that one particular female cultist gets a dose of that stuff.
June 22nd, 2017
You could be right, Panther ;)
June 21st, 2017
Powerful ?
@ Xaton :

Such person is born with a silver spoon in mouth : nothing to do to reach his rank but show how high his faith is ....... Unless he's the creator of this cult (and so automatically the leader) ?

So , it's very possible porky Pig is only good to yap ^_^"
June 21st, 2017
He could be, Xaton :)
Xaton (Guest)
June 20th, 2017
for all we know the cult leader could actualy be powerfull and buff just under a glamor spell of some kind to look weak but then again he could be weak as ehll
June 19th, 2017
Question is, will anyone be smart enough to hit the weak point, and how long do the vapors last?
June 17th, 2017
Nothing else
Nah , it's just gonflette ; nothing to be afraid of ;)

*Calls Hulk to deal with them* XD

As all of them are surrounded by the drugged cultists , the funny thing would be to see Porky-pig be included in the fights LOL
Welp, they're doomed... went from kicking the stuff out of acolytes, to getting the stuffing kicked out of Rath and co.
Prayers? Yeah right... if prayers worked like that we'd all be screwed.
More like magic infused Steroids, Narcotics, Coke and a bit of methanphetamines for good mind destroying measures.

P.S : Damn it all... I keep forgetting to put my name on these comments.
June 17th, 2017
Hello, Bane? Astrerix the Gaul would like a word.

Asterix? Yes-there's a man called Popey here to see you.

And so on ;)

They are quite Baney though. Hopefully nobody will get their backs broken :)