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By The Book

After stumbling across a copy of 'The Adventurers Handbook 3.5' an orc, goblin and kobold decide to leave the dungeon and become mighty adventurers!
Updates every Wednesday and Saturday.

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23 minutes ago
FOR FREE?!!! -As John Lithgow once said. Alice is doing religion wrong. Or maybe she's doing it right. I'll leave that stuff to braver people than me :) Next update will be Saturday :)

If you can afford to, please back me on Patreon. Two pages every week and a new vote pic every month. That's the dream. More backing means more time to work on the comic ;)





A big 'Thank you!' to all my existing Patrons-you make this possible :)
I've uploaded it again and added a new link so hopefully it'll work for everyone now :)
Worked for me today
Tried to add a link to the image, butt it wouldn't work :(

If you ignore or dismiss the 'morals of peacetime' during a time of war, you may never have a time of peace again
I usually use DA as a host but I couldn't get it to work this time so I used FA instead. Not sure why it wouldn't work. But yeah-You can see the images on my DA and you can help unlock them by voting :)
The images are on his Deviant Art if you have an account, if not it takes like 2 minutes to set one up, so you don't miss out. Just remember to turn on the naughty images ;)
Nope, still broken for me :(

Oh well... maybe someday it will fix itself.
Today other things keeps my mind busy...
Reliving all that i have read of "THE MAN"...
No problem from my devices either, hmm hopefully you can get it soon JustSomebody.
Is the vote image still not working for people? Seems okay from my end :(
It's sad he's gone but he had a very full, long and productive life. I'm glad his characters reached such incredible levels of fame and popularity before he went :)
Lee also tried his hand at Manhwa/Anime, probably one of the last works of his life.
Justsomebody: maybe it's just in the process of being updated, it had been the same image for about a week (voting everyday, including weekends)
That's not a critique by the way, just pointing out the invotive hadn't changed in a while :)

Mr Lee also worked for DC, check out his "Just Imagine..." series of one-shots
I didn't watch Star Wars, but I did watch a lot of Marvel movies, and definitely want to read the comics. My heart is ripped in two... R.I.P Stan Lee 1922-2018.
Justsomebody (Guest)
November 12th, 2018
Voting image
It seems to be broken... That won't stop me from voting mind you, but i do hope it get fixed.
Guesticus (Guest)
November 12th, 2018
You tell 'em Dear Alice
November 12th, 2018
Hey Luke-There's a guy here that says he's never seen 'Star Wars'
Randomdude67 (Guest)
November 11th, 2018
I errr.... have never seen Star Wars.... ^-^'...
It just really never seemed like my cup of tea. I can hear the "NANI?!" already XD.
November 11th, 2018
All is possible
@ Randomdude67 :

Remember dark Vador and his late turn back ^_^
Randomdude67 (Guest)
November 10th, 2018
Truth may hurt...
@Panther: We'll see Panth we'll see, I don't exactly like disparaging against her either but you have to admit that if she believes that to be true then she might be a lost cause. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, because like you said she did seem to question her actions, but the fact that she's gone this far certainly doesn't garner her any favor.
November 10th, 2018
I .......... What to say ?
@ Randomdude67 :

In the third panel , Nemean begins to think about Alice's words apparently . It's never good for the "natural World order" when peoples makes it : it's possible she turns to Alice's side in the next strips
November 10th, 2018
Words battle
Four against one but only Alice speaks right ; Nemean is lightly too , but blocked in her "needs" for an ordered world . The master sniffer is just reciting a text ; and the sisters are the worse : totally auto-infatuated and contemptuous

*calls Tiamat to deal with them*