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public humiliation

by rmccool
It's about perverts, prejudice, family, and furry little animals that disregard logic and physics when necessary . . . or bored. Its about people whom other people refuse to recognize as people and the amount of damage a lie can deal oh and don't pet anything, it bites Public Humiliation, art, story and characters are copyright Riley McCool 2013
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It's about perverts, prejudice, family, and furry little animals that disregard logic and physics when necessary . . . or bored. Its about people whom other people refuse to recognize as people and the amount of damage a lie can deal oh and don't pet anything, it bites Public Humiliation, art, story and characters are copyright Riley McCool 2013


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Know the feeling...
@rmccool: Just now getting ready to move into a trailer. Definitely better than having to stay warm like we had to in the middle of February and March! Yeah, having a stable environment makes working on personal stuff a lot easier. I haven't touched my soldering iron (well except to store) or gardened or anything like that, for months.

BTW: The Duck totally broke this comment.

"Hmm, I was imagining how a Pookamon parody could go:
Several Eevolutions, all done with McCool-style pooka ears and everything. :)

Lady Black: A lady with spooky powers
Red: A fiery individual
Yellow: Computers hate this one
Green: Should fear Red, yet is best friend
Cyan: A young one often mistaken for a polar bear when shifted
Blue: Literally impossible to drown
Sir White: A paladin who will mess your sh** up if you hurt his friends!
Mr. Brown: A true Jack-of-All trades
Pinky: Fairly odd one of the bunch!

Meh, only had 15 minutes to make this list. Unimaginative names, I know."
December 30th, 2015
@Cheerful_dragon: glad to help ..hope you enjoy it

Ink bunny has two different "next" buttons. One moves within a group of posts, the other moves to the next group.

Now I can read it over there. Thank you.

EDIT: Just like this place has two "Reply" buttons :-)
December 28th, 2015
@Cheerful_dragon: its up at both places.. had a few friends check the links.. kindle fire is able to read ink bunny..and foxfire but some cell phones apparently have trouble with inkbunny there are 31 posts of 3 to 15 pages in the "book" 2 pool..
@rmccool: That link only led to the first three pages of book two.

Is it complete on the duck? Duck is slow, but works.
December 28th, 2015
@Cheerful_dragon: pages are posted in pools / chapters. each post is a group of pages in order.. hs has some adult pages.. but can be skipped two pool is here: d=20165&page=1&orderby=pool_order&random=no&success=

also things get posted here
Glad to.

Ink Bunny? (google search later) Looks Nice (

Hmm, ... Doesn't look like there's much over there, and I can't seem to find your work by comic (searching by author brings up your work, but as loose pages). And ... Looks like Habibbah's song is paralleling public humiliation (and I'm basically at the start of book 2 there, probably should get back to reading)
December 26th, 2015
@alphamule: its an idea; I haven't been updating here for some time just been up dating duck. moved habibah's song over to inkbunny as a back up to duck.. considering moving Lan and warmwind over to patreon as the page size restriction that gives me trouble here would not be a big deal there..
December 26th, 2015
@Cheerful_dragon: ended up homeless for a while in june.. a very down time...which made posting here really hard to post here.. by the time we were back indoors, it(posting) seemed pointless... so yeah posting here is time consuming.. requires ever page be re sized.. or pay for an upgrade.. that doesn't seem worth the price.. sj is a site that makes me feel like i should of stopped making comics long ago.. I moved hs over to inkbunny.. feedback is nice..not found a new home for ph ... thank you for commenting :)
December 26th, 2015

Funny bit is to look on the [s]Drunk[/s] Duck, and not see the comments that I _know_ people made, but oh look they're on here. Too bad there's no easy way to move the comments over (besides that AWFUL Disqusting service). It's a pain, but one thing I could do in the future is keep an archive of the entire comic and comments (save page as in browser). At least then I could theoretically make some script to create an archive of them that might be easier to import into another comic site if somehow both sites are down. Heck, even just a WinRAR of all the saved pages or just the images. I can mirror the archive temporarily using Magnet links if it comes to that. :/
Have you stopped updating SmackJeeves?

Archive readers can continue at
"I'm thinking of going back to being a bad guy. There's a lot less paperwork and I get to have an evil laugh"

I love it!
So, Hades is using magic now in human form? I take it he's lost the bet then.

EDIT: Wait, that's Lan. OK, how do you keep Lan and Hades straight? They look a lot alike.
How many times did someone else arrive, and leave, Gilligan's island? How many times would they have gotten off, if it wasn't for that meddling kid?

I've long been of the view that they each had a reason to want to be on that island. Maybe the rich people with a massive wardrobe knew they would be gone longer than 3 hours -- waiting out a 7 year statue of limitations perhaps. Certainly the professor would know how to make a water-proof sealant to fix that hole. Etc.
Wait a minute ...

Something that I've been thinking about for a while (and as I write this, I am at least 2-3 years behind in MM).

Summer sells "defective travel runes".
Yet as far as we have learned so far, real runes require pooka blood.

Lan is wiped out -- he has used his own blood to make these travel runes.
Summer's runes -- assuming that she has learned from this fiasco that she started -- are probably made without pooka blood.

So, if this guessing is accurate, then Summer's runes are the only pooka-friendly runes; Lan has just drained himself to try to provide an emergency exit for his friends and family.

The "Safe place" spell reminds me of the spell on the order of the phoenix house in Harry Potter.

But I'm wondering ... if "safe, effective" travel runes are still sold, and Summer's pooka friendly ones are considered bad, then either I am way off on the whole pooka blood for runes understanding, or ... the business guys are the ones that win this war???
In the last panel, I can hear Darth Vader's (*) voice ...

(*) Yes, I mean the voice-over studio dub. The guy in the suit did not have that voice.

Hmm. The biggest actors in star wars: Darth Vader, and Chewbacca: they were just "man-in-suit"'s.
Missing page
Archive readers: Next page is missing -- you can see it at the duck at

It clarifies that the hat is an emblem, and that Warmwind is working for the owning god as long as he carries it. Plus, that the healer here cannot hear the raven.
"It's just a little deamon" :-)

So, Mr Z, running the whole propaganda campaign, putting the "pooka are dumb beasts that our society needs blood from" spin to the public, turns out to be Hades' nephew, deliberately doing this as a way to bring magic back to the people, as a way to spite the gods' inactions, while at the same time enjoying the "protection" of a goddess yet (as mentioned at TheDuck) missing the important point/distinction of "man", "female", and "any non-human".

All for a fight among the gods about who will be god of the underworld, whether Hades will continue, let Lan succeed, select someone else, etc. -- and Z wants the job without really knowing what the job entails.

... Didn't the arch angel say that there was no way out? Angels can be wrong :-)
On the offensive
I completely forgot that Sky was going on the offensive with the bow-using child.

(Can't remember the name ... hope it shows up within a few comics)
probably not cake