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E-Depth Angel
In the future, even machines will need an angel, hired as a nurse for cyborgs, Angel finds herself thrown into explosive mech battles and a cyborg family gang war.

It’s about a girl without any super powers being forced to face a family of crazy cyborgs with mechs and all sorts of weapons that want to kill each other. Not only does she need to survive, but she will also have to help bring them something they’ve been missing, peace.

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Latest Comments

Comment on vol7_40
mayshing, 28 Aug 2014 08:07 pm
@NaginiFay: yep.
Comment on vol7_40
NaginiFay, 28 Aug 2014 07:58 pm
He woke her up to talk to her?
Comment on vol7_39
Dr. Giggles, 21 Aug 2014 09:07 pm
@mayshing: Hehe... Yeah, my computer's been doing that a lot lately. Anyway, can't wait to watch as they prepare for the family feud.
Comment on vol7_39
mayshing, 21 Aug 2014 05:53 pm
@Dr. Giggles: Deleted the mysterious repeats XD Yes. Family can be quite intruding.
Comment on vol7_39
Dr. Giggles, 20 Aug 2014 01:37 pm
Yeah, family does have the annoying habit of intruding in the lives of its members. Go figure.
Comment on vol7_38
mayshing, 15 Aug 2014 02:47 am
@NaginiFay: Good question. We will find out. XD
Comment on vol7_38
NaginiFay, 15 Aug 2014 01:19 am
Is the upgrade SAFE?
Comment on 118
NaginiFay, 14 Aug 2014 06:23 pm
Comment on 23
NaginiFay, 14 Aug 2014 05:55 pm
Kiss him!
Comment on 18
NaginiFay, 14 Aug 2014 05:53 pm
*snerk* Hey, if you can stay awake in between, who needs the whole two days!


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