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Lost Power Up

Words cannot describe this comic.


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Oh god! Your comics are so bad, literally.
That got dark quick.....
That zombie looks familiar to the Super Zombie world zombies
Wow! This comic sucks.
Well... Here we are.
After 2 years, I made a page.

Not sure if you guys would be interested in another batch after all this time..

Let me know...
One of my favorite pages tbh :'D
I love green -_-
I love luigi!
yes your retardedness.
Look like the "hate guest" isn't here to complain about the ending. Good for him.
@Extremmefan: I cut this comic short because I had genuinely ran out of interest for it. I don't want to kick a dead horse, so I gave it an ending I thought was satisfactory
@kcspice: What I mean was that this comic was too interesting to be just cut short like that.
EDIT: That, and "sprite comic made by a crazy man" didn't have any set plots either.
38 pagez.... Donutzzzzzz!!!!! Oh and im gonna read Kcc
@Extremmefan: if you want to read a longer comic with actual plots, go read Kc chronicles
@Long comment guy: thank yeezus for that! I've wasted enough time replying, I could've been watching porn. Fuck dude...
Comic reviews dude how do you review an ongoing comic!? U could just be like "Oh their is no character to this kid" but thats irrelevant seeing as the comic is ongoing and the author hasnt written em out yet.... Reviews for comics are dumb... Just be like "Hey this page is okay heres some advice to make it better"...
@Grammar Nazis: You're just showing everyone how stupid you are, great job. Also, I don't even want to do anything on this, due to basically everyone on this being stupid, generic 4chan users, but I want to do this until the comic's over, because then I'll be able to complain on how incomplete the awful ending will be, and really, Ultimate Yoshi will have to do the justice this comic deserves, I'm only an amateur at reviewing, but it's better than most of the people on the internet, and people like you just plug their ears, and don't listen to good reviews, they just like to sit around, say insulting and racist comments. I'm done replying to your comments, it's just a waste of time.
@Extremmefan: He makes great comics, and the reviews he makes are amazing, although his review would probably be hateful like mine, but probably more forgiving than me, also sorry for not having an extremely long comment.
Lol bro you did an awesome job with the scene i ccouldn't have pictured it any better!
That's a Wrap!
Thanks to everybody who endured this... Weird as Hell rollercoaster of a comic...

For those of you looking for a comic that makes, well, SENSE, check out ANY of my other comics. And give MAWIO876 a looksie too!

Go Team KC!!!
~Kcspice 10.10.14
Luigi takes a stand!
And then his knees gave out