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The story takes place in 2020 and it's the story of Seiteiki, a 17 years old guy who live in Canada (in a very small town in the Province of Qu├ębec). His life never has been perfect, far away from that. He used to live with his parents and his twin, but everything changes in no time. His parents ans his twin completely dissapeared and no ones have saw them after that..living no traces behind them. Right after that specific moment, everything comes blur in his head untill he wakes up as a hearts stealer...

Contains blood, gore, bad language, BL, violence...The usual stuff ya know!


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Comment on LVDC chapter 1 cover
Gaaraterra, 11 Apr 2011 09:21 pm
FFF yes, I'm doing 2 comics at the same time XD
This one will be the comic of my story, so it will probably be uptaded faster since some chapters are already written XD
So, this is Seiteiki, who is an hearts stealers...well, you will know more about it later on through this chapter ;D
I made Seiteiki so feminine OTL. I feel bad for him...to look so feminine I mean XD
Anyway, I hope the first page will be posted soon~


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