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3 Years Ago
And we're back to the original! We're keeping the original and a few strong authors to restart.

There shall still be randomness, but tasteful randomness ;p

*insert serious comment here* - BlazeTheHedgehog

The comic may be new, but we're still the same ol' Brady Bunch from Hell!~Bruce the Hedgehound

Oh yeah! We're back! And better than ever!~Matt the Fox

Darn it! I forgot to put my quote >:( Oh wait...nevermind! ~mdg245


Pennies are Dangerous! *lays pennies all over the place* Muahahaha.~Fusion Kirby

This is where sanity and rational thought goes to die. Also, rainbows! ~Ghost

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@XxVanitasXx: Either that or nobody's set it off, yet.

You DID see that MDG's plotting in the distance.

Ergo, sometime in the near/far future there'll be an update from her.
Safe to say that the gunpowder in those pennies has gotten wet.
@epicness: I don't usually. We've all mostly gone our separate ways after this.
Actually, what do you all of you guys do while you're not comicing? Do you talk to eachother often or what?

Inb4 skype
*quiet plotting in the distance*
And I think we need to update the banner at the very least.
>>>>This comic lives

@Matt the Fox: oh i know jeez....sometimes people are busy when typing >.> just for that..grounded for TWO YEARS
@Draven22: That should be you're, not your.
@Matt the Fox: yea...theres only one problem with that...YOUR GROUNDED FROM YOUR SURFBOARD >:D
Excellent! Now I can get my surfboard, and go back in and finally go channel surfing!
Hey, remember when I made comics here? neither. I'll try to be more active. But this computer is crap, so updates may lag.
I hate this program... *deletes from TiVo*
August 22nd, 2014
Oh my god poor Matt.

Matt the Fox
August 22nd, 2014
I was bored today and looked through the comics and remembered this small recurring joke I made of my character being stuck in the TV, so I brought it back.
Here's the first part:
And the second:

Much innovation, much genius and much penis.
@Kurona: I think this is the first page I've commented on...