Authors welcome! Just use as many references as possible, but it doesn't have to be funny: THE WHOLE THING'S CRAP ANYWAY LOLZ

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I don't know why I decided to make her out of character here, but...
I wonder where this'll go now.
March 18th, 2012
If someone makes a model mod to turn them into ponies, I am probably going to play this minigame all the time.
I fail at drawing portals. XD

Anyways, this comic shall finally be active again.

NOTE: This is my Create.swf appearance. This is more than likely the only time it'll show up.
@Flygonmaster: Done. Sorry for the wait.
Will SOMEONE give me permissions?
Sorry for the month long wait, everyone! I didn't get notified about Knux's page for some reason, but I do when someone posts a comment. So please just put something in your author's comment so I know there's an update, even if it's a dot.

@Prime All you to do was tell me that, not chuck such a hissy fit. But thanks for telling me I will fix this.
Silhouette goddamnit don't give us the delete command.

If one noob comes, he can fuck up the comic bigtime, this'll be deleted, etc.

Crap I didn't see this until now D:
Just trying to keep the comic alive
Not as awesome as supersheep's page, but it'll do C:
Yay! This'll be awesome! I LURVE horsies :3
oh my.
This is good. REALLY good.
This is good drawing.

This just proves I'm better at drawing then spriting T_T

Edit: I should of made Sonic say the f word, shouldn't I?