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TheFunTrain's Art Boxcar and Electronics Expo

Postby TheFunTrain » February 12th, 2015, 8:18 pm

I may as well get one of these to post my miscellaneous sketches that don't fit into the comic. Be forewarned, I mostly draw black and white pencil.

First up, by request, the whale exploding scene of a comic that otherwise never materialized:
Spoiler! :
I thought this looked cooler in 2009.
This directly inspired a more recent scene that is canon on SJ.

A Fun Police van against a dramatic background. These vehicles have not been mentioned in the reboot, but were basically a character in the old comics. This awkward early MSpaint experiment was my wallpaper for some time. Anti-aliasing? Never heard of it.
Spoiler! :

~~=============== 5/15/15 New Stuff! Cause double posting is for squares ================~~

Electronics is a form of art, right? Since I haven't had time to draw due to engineering school, here is a photo of one of my coolest and most difficult projects in the lost art of wire wrap. Each one of these approximately 300 connections had to be twisted on manually with a handheld tool. The bottoms of projects were sprayed orange to keep students from selling them.
Spoiler! :
The three digit LCD counts up and down, has the option to blank out leading zeroes, and lights LEDs for over/under count. I designed and tested the circuit from basic components and built the swing-open box with a clear plexi bottom. I miss having the time and energy to make comics, so I'm going to lavish all my bragging and pride on this thing. Look at it!
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