So I guess putting your art up for critique is a thing now

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Re: So I guess putting your art up for critique is a thing n

Postby Vitotamito » April 8th, 2018, 10:39 pm

I think something you could do that'd 100 percent start improving your characters' design is thinking about a circular head less as a 2D circle and more as a 3D sphere would really help get sort of the 3/4 poses to have the eyes warp around the head better. Like in this image below, imagine the indent on the ball as an eye. In the bottom left part you can really see how an eye would distort as it gets closer to turning out of view.


I think with your style a good thing to study with what I wrote above in mind would be the powerpuff girls, not just in terms of the head, but also in terms of how they simplify every part of the body into a very simple shape, but not a shape that feels static or too much like a specific shape.


Part of having things not feel static is giving them a nice sense of weight. In some of your drawings things feel very angular and rigid, which would be fine if you were drawing robots, but humans and dragons are living creatures, and our skin and muscles dictate how our body parts tense up and relax. When you go out and study real life stuff, try to keep in mind what it is about things that makes them feel as light or heavy as they are.

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Re: So I guess putting your art up for critique is a thing n

Postby Melfie » April 19th, 2018, 2:27 pm

OMG the third one with the neck is hilarious!! I find it funny because I literally experimented with the same. Asides drawing I'm also a sculptor and I was making a cartooney, character and decided to put a realistic neck, and it looked so good that it stayed. Of course, you always have to adjust the proportions so that the body as a whole makes sense. I made the face slightly more realistic as well as the hands, neck but the head stayed huge...Yeah I think that finding a good proportion is a key factor to develop a personal style. :D :D :D
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Re: So I guess putting your art up for critique is a thing n

Postby TheJGamer » November 20th, 2018, 11:16 pm

Dang, it's been seven months, huh? I made some new art today that I want to post here for critique, and I thought it would be a good idea to add it on to this thread instead of making a new one.

This is a concept art sheet of a character for a comic idea I have. As you can see, he is a baseball player. I've been working on making better hands and refining anatomy for the past few months as I was drawing for fun. This was all done in pencil. You can find the image here. Sorry if the quality is subpar, I can provide a scanned version if you wish.

I feel that I haven't really deviated from the general formula from my first post, although there are some differences here and there (hair is more spiky, characters have a generally lighter build, and the eyes went through a complete overhaul). I've been more comfortable with traditional art recently because for some reason my digital drawing skills deteriorated so much that I can't even draw a good circle with my stylus anymore. =(

As always, any form of critique and tips are welcome!
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