First attempt at scenery

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First attempt at scenery

Postby TheJGamer » December 28th, 2018, 5:59 pm

I'm beginning to be more serious about making comics, and decided to try and draw a scene out of my head for the first time. Here's the scan of a very rough sketch of the scene.

I have some concerns though; I have no idea what to fill the stands with. I went with just circles for the right stands, but I thought against it after that because it just seems too bland and unoriginal. Also, I'm wondering if the size of the players relative to their distances are all correct. The pitcher seems to big compared to everyone else, IMO.

Pointers for how I can work on this scene and improve upon it are welcome and appreciated!
Just some kid who likes to draw and sprite. Thinking of starting a comic and actually sticking with it.
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