Artist seeking Co-writer [closed]

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Artist seeking Co-writer [closed]

Postby minyan » January 15th, 2016, 6:51 am

Why hello there.

So I want to get into creating webcomics/VN's with a bit more regularity, and I'd like to get better at it as well. So I'm seeking a partner in crime if you will. As much as I love writing stories, and would enjoy being a co-writer on projects, a lot of times I need help to really crank out a well put together project. I love creating characters and elaborate worlds readers can get lost in, but sometimes translating that to a certain number of panels per page can get difficult!

Right now, I'm looking for someone to do maybe a short manga project with (20 pages, for example) just to see how well our style's mesh. If you enjoyed scriptwriting for manga and VN's, that would be ideal, but if you're more just a manga person, that's okay too. While I do have ideas of my own, I'd love to hear yours as well! Here are the general genre's I'm interested in, in order:

Romance (mostly BL, but I like het and girl love too~ I usually like my romance with a more important plot going on, but pure romance can be fun too)

I'm not too into drama/slice of life stories, though drama combined with other genre's (such as horror) is fine.

My style of art is manga/anime. Here are a few recent samples:
Spoiler! :
lonwi .jpg
(984.46 KiB) Not downloaded yet

(494.92 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Here are a few projects I'm working on currently:

On the VN side, I have one in progress called Arena Circus, which I plan on finishing the first chapter (of five) and then taking a little break with a shorter VN project in between. The first chapter is about 80% done now, but I have nothing more than outlines for the rest. If you're interested in helping write with that you can find a demo and more info here: ... 43&t=30537

I'm also working on a webcomic here on smackjeeves ( which the script is already finished for. The original purpose of it was just to have something to /finish/ since around the time when I started it I was starting to lose faith in myself creatively. It's come a long way in terms of art, but the story is pretty much your average BL, it wasn't really meant to be more than that xD

I currently have no ideas for any shorter projects, but I do have a budding one for a project I think would span about 2 or 3 volumes. So you can get a better idea of the sort of stories I enjoy, here's a synopsis.

Spoiler! :
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
Rating: PG 13
Plot: Wes Chambers is part of a small company of monster exterminators. Though to say small may be a bit of an understatement, there's only three people involved. And to say he's part of it may be an overstatement, since his only job is to document each monster's strength and weaknesses of the benefit of future battles. But with each monster they slay Wes is certain that they're getting closer and closer to the beast who killed his mother, all those years ago.

General idea: So a majority of it will be just the three of them going around and slaying monsters, a lot of the time in the form of little 'mysteries' as they try to figure out how to beat them. For example, I had an idea of the group meeting another monster exterminating team, but it turns out they’re just knocking them out, collecting the money, then moving on to another town. So when the monster gains consciousness again it just continues killing, but to the townspeople it's as if the monsters are just coming back to life. Etc. As this goes on, gradually more and more backstory is revealed, until we hit the deeper plot of the story.

Subplot 1: Wes - His mother was killed by what he thinks was a demon when he was a child, and ever since then he's vowed to find it and destroy it. Later on, he discovers that the being that killed his mother was actually an angel, and it did so because she refused to give Wes up, as being half angel himself he doesn't really belong on this plane.

Subplot 2: Tatum - The muscle of the exterminators, and married to the third person in the group. He used to be a soldier in a neighboring country, but couldn't stand the brutal slaughtering of his people, and after meeting Lucy, decided to escape by crossdressing as a woman and posing as his wife. He and Lucy have grown close as a result of this, but they have no actual feelings for each other.

Subplot 3: Lucy - He is the most mysterious of the group, able to trap weakened monsters in the pages of a book of unknown origins. The other two later find out that Lucy is actually the son of the devil, and has been gathering information on monsters and keeping them to later serve in his father's army when he attempts invade earth.

I have a few other ideas for this, but a lot more needs to be fleshed out as well.

And that's it for me. Assuming we prove to be compatible creatively my eventual goals would be building a nice range of projects and starting a shared patreon. If you are interested or having question post here or feel free to PM me. Thank you for reading!
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Re: Artist seeking Co-writer

Postby AnimeFanaticGirl » June 25th, 2016, 7:54 pm

Are you still looking for a co-writer?
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Re: Artist seeking Co-writer

Postby Angelbabe2020 » June 27th, 2016, 1:59 am

This is ahana if your are still looking for a co-writer i would be really happy to help you i am an artist and a writer but i don't exactly draw manga and anime so i would love to be the co writer. If interested in collab please send an email to

Thanks and Regards
Ahana Joshi
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Re: Artist seeking Co-writer

Postby SoulRaider116 » June 27th, 2016, 12:58 pm


You can call me Soul.

Here's a bit about me:

Spoiler! :
I love romance with dramatic elements and fantasy or sci-fi related plots as well.

I've never really gotten into BL as far as my own creative endeavors go, the closest being a story I had a start of a plot for, but never got fully developed...I'm willing to try my hand at BL, though!

I'm not much of an artist, but have been wondering what I might be able to do in the comic/graphic novel realm for a while. I do love to write and create characters.

With your designs I would probably go for a dark fantasy realm.

I usually write in novel form, but as I have theatre experience, switching to a script format would be no problem.

Here are samples of two of my original plots:

Spoiler! :
A young shinigami is sent on a mission to stop the ominous group known as New Life. This evil organization seeks immortality, and is willing to do anything to get it, including human sacrifice. There's a catch. The sacrifices must commit themselves willingly to their fate. Thus, manipulation of innocent parties ensues. A child is kidnapped, and her older brother must join the shinigami in the effort to free the girl, or commit himself to the fate of being a sacrifice to spare his sister's life.

Spoiler! :
When sixteen year old Courtney Balourd receives a old ring from her best friend Farid as a gift, she has no idea how it will change her life. How an ancient Aztec artifact can, with a single adrenaline surge transform her. Could this help her get the attention of Rune, the baseball captain she's been crushing on? And does it even matter if he only notices when she...becomes a he?

If you want a sample of my writing let me know. Your post mentioned wanting to see if creative styles matched, that was what I was trying to mostly achieve here. Hope to hear from you soon!

My email (and aim username) is
SOUL RAIDER 116 does Prose and Poetry

Unfortunately I can't draw comic quality images... :(

I write though! Interested in reading some of my work, visit the above link! I have an ongoing story called New Life!
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Re: Artist seeking Co-writer

Postby AwkwardDinosaur » October 22nd, 2016, 7:36 am

I am interested! We can try and do somethign together, it could be fun @0@
My dA is, also you can find me at twitter (im very active on this one tbh) at @farondraws and skype at @fffaron.
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Re: Artist seeking Co-writer

Postby emma2785 » October 25th, 2016, 5:23 pm

Hello minyan
//I don't know if this is still is relevant

I did like to join as an editor and/or co-writer ?assistant? and/or review before publishing((I'm not a great artist, but I got a good eye for design and a know how to give constructive criticism)).
I have worked with editing before, through my education (current, that is specific set in the kind of work). And did like to try work outside of my comfort zone, and try working in an online environment.

If you what to see what my drawing level is please view my DeviantArt <a href="">click here</a>

If you think I'm fit for your team,
please contact me through my mail - or just a message on

Thank you for reading, have a nice day

*If my english is a weird or off, it's because it isn't my first language.
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Re: Artist seeking Co-writer

Postby Troll » October 25th, 2016, 9:17 pm

Spoiler! :
One does not simply post without checking the thread's post date and the date of the OP's last visit.
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Re: Artist seeking Co-writer [closed]

Postby minyan » March 13th, 2017, 3:07 am

Sorry, I'm no longer looking for collaborations!
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