Artist looking for a writer to adapt a story to script

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Artist looking for a writer to adapt a story to script

Postby Whoo » April 24th, 2012, 8:51 pm

Hi, I'm looking for someone to turn a story I am writing into a comic?
The story is nowhere near finished but I would like to spin it off into a sort of "Slice of Life" comic based on the characters I have created. I need a writer to make a script and develop a small plot for about six comics. If you are interested, you can Email me at

Here is the story I plan to make a spin off of: ... r-yourself

And here is a gallery with a limited sample of my art:

Please Email me if you are interested!

The story is called "The Art of Getting over Yourself", I would like to call the comic "Flower for Pancake" Pancake being the new character based off of Parasol Peters (From my story)

Here is a exert in case you are unable to see the link

Marty's thighs squeak as she shifts in her chair. As much as she'd love to hide it, a smile begins to curl at the corners of her mouth as she moves her pen along the yellow poster board. I look around Parasol's room, everything is neatly stacked and displayed on shelves. The more I looked at it, the more irritated I became. It was as if she had wanted you to know everything about her just by looking around her room.
Marty lets out a little cough and I jump a little. she holds up her poster in completion, her small, curly handwriting runs down the paper in a neat column, I smile.

Dear Parasol Peters,
Thank you, for if it wasn't for you, I would not be in love with Marty Kasper.
p.s. I hope when we find you, we are already too late.
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