What makes a story good? (How to write a good story)

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Re: What makes a story good? (How to write a good story)

Postby AuroraArt » August 14th, 2016, 4:58 pm

Thank you both for sharing your thoughts.

I myself am still learning how to create a good story. By asking questions and learning from your mistakes, that's how we grow. Whether you're an artist, writer, film director, or what have you. That's the beauty of storytelling. You create something that your passionate for. But first, you have to think about your audience (the readers). How will they feel about this story? What can I do to help them feel that they're part of the story? Why is this story special? And why should the audience care?

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and advice, guys. If anyone wants to share as well, feel free to post. It's good to chat with you all about this subject. I really want to help other artists who are learning as well.
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Re: What makes a story good? (How to write a good story)

Postby Criminalist » December 18th, 2016, 7:36 am

Hey there. I am new to this site and i think that it is a good community(do check out my work guys!)

So i think a good story, wether that be a comic strip, manga, light novel. If a story is interesting then it will get popular and thus become a 'good' one. The defination of a good story is differemt for different people, but regardless of what type of story they want something that stamds out(wether that be in its art, storytellong or a unique plot or characters) always builds up interest. so to put it straight here are some things which you have to keep in mind while writing a story:
1) the initial plot has to be believable and appealing tonthe viewers, a good author considers what will be appealing to the majority of people.
2)the characters: most stories set common stereotype characters (like a a street thug) and break the stereotypes by having them do something unexpected(the street thug loves candies)
3)that brings us to STORYTELLING, whuch is probably a very vast topoc in itself, the story can become good or bad depending on how it is presented to the reader, most stories contain SURPRISE, SHOCK or something unusual that gets the reader inttested in the story, storytelling greatly varies depending on the type of story(comedic stories are told differently serious stories)
4)JOURNEY: or the pacing of the story. Readers like to read stories that are on to the point, not too long streched or too short, which leave the reader unsatisfied. The events that take place in a story have to make sense amd connect with each other, having some kind of 'goal' can help even an epidodic story.

Thats my perspective on a good story. I tend to prefer realistic art and characters with suspense, drama and overall completeness. So best of luck with your sory.
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Re: What makes a story good? (How to write a good story)

Postby DavidPerry » March 12th, 2017, 1:38 am

Storytelling is all about character. Story is the absolute most important thing, and the characters drive the story. Sounds simple, but it's remarkable how many creators don't quite get that. Good story has a good balance of drama and comedy, and the characters are distinct and identifiable without being beholden to rigid archetypes. I tend to enjoy stories with nuanced characters that reveal themselves slowly and thoughtfully. I work a lot with metaphor, but it's easy to trap yourself in extended metaphors--that's a no-no.

I also like to introduce something new frequently, whether it's a something not previously known about a character, a new character altogether, a visually engaging locale, or an important and symbolic prop. Story stays good when it stays in motion without jumping the shark. It's okay to move slowly, as long as something new is introduced and that new thing bears real weight on the story. Everything that happens must serve the story in some way. There should never be unnecessary writing--the writer must instead know how to boil the important stuff down to something fresh and meaningful.

Storytelling is poetry. It's consolidation and balance.
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Re: What makes a story good? (How to write a good story)

Postby thelordbaeron » July 18th, 2017, 7:40 pm

For me, it's mostly about the characters. In a comedy, I need good, laughably lovable characters to enjoy myself. For a serious story, if the characters and their motivations aren't believable I just can't find myself getting into it for too long. I also love seeing quirks in the characters. The honorable knight who has an odd obsession with fire, the foul-mouthed, good-natured anti-hero who's also kiiiinda casually racist at times. Those little touches make the characters pop for me, and since you're seeing the world through the eyes of these characters it lends credibility to the "eyes" I'm looking through.

Just my two cents. Hope it helped.
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Re: What makes a story good? (How to write a good story)

Postby CuteLilPlum » July 18th, 2017, 7:55 pm

well im not a pro so idk if it will help you or anything but for all of my comic that i been writing are all bunch of my friends that i just ship in my mind and just write about them. so i dont have to go to da trouble of creating one up but it is fun making a character up for fun and writing about them that is for sure. but i suck at that lol. i mean im still new to writing or drawing a comic you know well not really new but out of date kinda thing lol. but just have fun thinking of a good story line of how they became friend to how they become lover or in relationship and just fill in the blank with stuff thats what i do lol have a begining and an end . think of da middle later u know...
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Re: What makes a story good? (How to write a good story)

Postby blackmoongirl2424 » July 18th, 2017, 10:21 pm

There's a lot that I can say, but all of it goes to moot if the execution is handled poorly. You can have the most groundbreaking story, characters, themes, art, ect. but without at least a competent execution, it won't get very far.

How do you work on execution?

Practice drawing comics, of course. Reread your story every so often, how's your pacing? Did you introduce this character properly? How much information are you giving on each given scene? Is your paneling coherent? So on, so fourth.

Read A LOT. Read comic books, graphic novels, manga, other webcomics. What makes each respective genre distinctive from each other? The pacing of a webcomic that releases 1 page a week is completely different than a comic book which releases an issue every month or so. Is your webcomic going to be strictly on the web? Are you going to publish it? What works and doesn't work for each comic that you read? How could have you rewritten that scene or that plot point to make it more impactful to you?

Read as many books on comics as you can grab, understand what you're doing when you're drawing comics and WHY you're doing them. Is it a genuine part of your creative process or is it just another rehash of an old cliche "cuz every manga has that one tsundere character lol"?

It's a hard road and there's always going to be a "better way" to improve on your storytelling skills, but as long as you keep improving you should be okay.
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