How To Cheat with Lighting ;P THE COOKIE WAY

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How To Cheat with Lighting ;P THE COOKIE WAY

Postby Cookieluv246 » October 3rd, 2010, 4:10 pm

Generally made this tutorial for Ryuuen, but I assume lots of people have trouble with this, so I'm here to show you how I personally do it~
In no way is this the "right" way, this is just "a" way to get where you need to be going a little bit faster.

This tutorial will work out best with any photoshop or sai like program. As long as you have a Multiply,addition,dodge, etc option, this will work.

Mmkoi, I'ma go and grab a random picture I was linearting~
Remember, this is not an anatomy tutorial, so ignore the crappiness of the piece itself /w/

Alright, the base color here is red for convenience sake.
Now I'm just gonna have a good old time and shade wherever the hell I feel like

Alright, so far, so good, now heres where we start to get into the lighting bit.
You're going to get another shade color and hit the "Multiply" option in whatever program your using, in this case, I'll be using Sai.
Multiply is the first one if your Sai is in Jappers.
Now, I'm going to shade how I would if I were going to pay attention to lighting in the least.

Now we've got that second shade, now how will this help with lighting overall? Theres still the mess we did earlier.
Well here is where the fun part is, you go back to your layer options and this time click "addition" Dodge will work as well as that second to last option that I can't understand XD
You'll need a color like yellow or something for this, white I guess can work too, but I'm using yellow

Should look like this. Noooow we're going to lower the opacity a bit with this one, and we get...~

and there we have it. Realize that, the shadows still show were we had placed them before, but not nearly as profound, and is still technically Alright~
Realize that this is cellshaded so it wont look exactly the way I do it. Also realize it depends on the intensity of the sun. For instance, this obviously wont work if there is no light source whatsoever. Lets say in a dark room, if you still wanna shade, but you wanna show their in a dark room, you could do something like this:
Spoiler! :

What I did was shade overall, and the multiply step, just cover the whole thing.

Small tip, I tend to lower the opacity of the overall shading since there really are no intense shadows or light sources. The more sun that hits, the darker the shading would be overall. But if theres no sun, then shading would be very light if any at all.

Realize though this is cellshaded picture, so the results wont look exactly like mine, but once you blend it, it will start to look similar xP
Here are some picture examples to show when I've done this technique.
Most of the time I don't use that last step with the yellow lighting, but that again is depending on how intense the light source is.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed/got something out this tutorial cause this is only the second one I ever made and I've never made one like this before and I cry ; ;
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