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Kira Kira Apollyon!

PostPosted: August 18th, 2017, 11:59 pm
by rolling orange
I'd like to suggest Kira Kira Apollyon by Raspberry-Nunez and T.N.Roze for a comic spotlight!
It's at 118 pages and six chapters! It's currently my favorite webcomic on SJ. They've had pretty consistent Friday/weekend updates. (THANKGOD,,)

I walked upon a gem, my dude. :'^O
I started reading for the small sparkly banner it had previously but now it's got a nice cover image that makes me exited for what's to come!
The setting and characters are fantastic. In the future, but reminiscent of a pastel 80s/90s. The colors, fashion, and bgs are fabulous but what sold me is the dialogue. I love the interactions between the characters. I love the characters!

Here's my favorite (aesthetic) page

I want this on a shirt????
Also, look at that! That's all hand-painted. I have been dazzled. :'''^O