Finn`s adventure in dreamland /fantasy/action/romance/magic!

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Finn`s adventure in dreamland /fantasy/action/romance/magic!

Postby polvalvil » July 9th, 2017, 8:56 am

Finn`s adventure in dreamland is the story of a regular human called finn garcia, whose life changes one cold night, when he meets a girl from a parallel world called dreamland.

comic`s first page--->

comic`s profile-->

I got plenty of episodes already made, under the bag, because I only recently found this site, and started posting like yesterday,
if for some reason you want to read it all, you can head to my tapastic`s page (I don`t like tapastic that much)
If I`m correct the link is on my profile`s page, sorry I`m not used to this new site yet :roll:

a little preview:

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