Demons of Paris

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Demons of Paris

Postby Fangalang » July 21st, 2017, 1:28 am

Set in the late 18th centuary, in Paris.

Emeline, once a daughter to a noble family, finds herself and her family in a prison cell counting the days until they meet their end by the guillotine. When something goes astray in the cell beside her, she sees, not for the first time, a demon. Frightened and thinking her days of her over active imagination were behind her she puts the very notion of seeing a demon aside. However when the entire family next to her ends up dead... well there may be something to dread after all.

Two years, and one bloody escape into the night later, the duo work in secret. Emeline trying to find her way back into nobility all the while finding more and more corruption in every nook and cranny of Paris war torn streets, and trying to help fix anything she can, and Aamon, whom became her teacher in various ways of survival, who is also very much just along for the ride.

WARNING: There is a bit of smut and violence.
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