HYBRIDOR [Adventure/Sci-fi with Anthros]

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HYBRIDOR [Adventure/Sci-fi with Anthros]

Postby Ulta » December 22nd, 2017, 6:29 pm


Welcome to a futuristic universe, both like and unlike our own. A world where traveling to distant planets is but a step away. Where the inhabitants are as varied as the limits of your imagination. Where mortals have tread close to the very powers that created this universe. No money exists here for the most part...and science and technology has grown so advanced that even death has become a thing of the past. All is well and peaceful in this universe of near immortals, all because of the works, teachings, and efforts of the most powerful beings left in the universe...the Hybridors. The chosen few, hand-picked by the deities themselves. Under their watchful gaze, the worlds have grown and prospered for eons.

But not all is what it seems to be...

Follow the journey of Starlight, a young alien creature who by fate's hand, is thrown far from home and dropped into the hands of the outside world. What first begins as a quest to return home, soon turns into a journey of discovery as she meets new friends and allies. And when danger shows it's face...the journey soon shifts to seeking out the truth...who is she? What is she? And why are the powerful Hybridors after her?

The possibilities are endless...


(sorry if you saw this already, I didn't realize my comic was still set to hidden! It now shows up XD)

A passion project that now is gonna be a part of Smack Jeeves line up.I'm taking this project seriously, so expect frequent updates until Janurary 2018, where it'll hopefully be on par update-wise with the other sites it appears on. It'll then go o na two pages a week schedule =) Enjoy~
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