Druid City

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Druid City

Postby JeremySatcher » September 25th, 2018, 2:33 pm

Hello Smack Jeeves!

My comic is called Druid City (http://www.smackjeeves.com/comicprofile.php?id=177220) and it started as a printed graphic novel series back in 2011. I got about 500 pages in and had a couple of volumes released which I sold online and at various conventions including Austin’s STAPLE. After a while I got tired of ordering books and decided I’d go back over my old work and redo it in color to make available for free online. This has been a fun process so far and I’m proud of how the remastered material has come out compared to the originals. I’ve still kept the style simple enough that I’m not taking forever to make it, but the improvement is clear.

The story follows a student journalist named Hunter Hastings who made a name for himself as an undergrad by taking down his corrupt student government association with news articles proving their misuse of funds. He also caught a lot of other renowned figures in his home town of Druid City by being an investigative journalist and made many enemies over the course of his young life. Being a bit of a scoundrel and knave, he also managed to estrange many friends and ex-girlfriends by using their information for his articles in spite of their wishes not too. For this reason, he was glad to leave town and study in his Master’s program in Austin, but due to a disastrous event he has been forced to leave Austin and return to Druid City.

Can Hunter make amends with the people he burned during his first stay in Druid City? Can he make his way back on top of the journalistic pyramid? Will he ever get revenge for what happened in Austin? Those are the big questions of the overarching plot.

Druid City is also somewhat unique in that it uses real world locations for almost all of its backgrounds. Each drawn background is directly based on a location in Tuscaloosa, AL, my hometown that has the nickname, “The Druid City”. So yeah, warning upfront, this has nothing to do with forest wizards.
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