The Ian Series: Greenlake Academy

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The Ian Series: Greenlake Academy

Postby jMaX » April 30th, 2019, 9:15 pm


TIS: Greenlake Academy is an action/slice of life comic, where we put ourselves in the shoes of Ian Davillan,
a high school kid who lives in a world where certain people are able to manifest special abilities known as
covers, using these powers, many students have taken control over the school, and rule over the rest of
the alumni with no one being able to do anything about it.

One day, Ian meets a transfer student called Sean, and together they will dive inside the deep rabbit hole that
is the Academy, fighting all kinds of people while they try to get on with their lives.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Greenlake Academy - Part 1 is now up for you to read!


I will try my absolute best to update the comic monthly, with new chapters coming out (hopefully) the
30th of each month, so if you are interested, make sure to stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy, any comment is, off course, very welcome.


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