Pythagorean Thoughts [Gravity Falls Canon Divergence]

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Pythagorean Thoughts [Gravity Falls Canon Divergence]

Postby Lutias Kokopelli » May 11th, 2019, 1:58 am


After making a quick search through the forum, it seems that quite a few members of this community at least know, and/or love the cartoon Gravity Falls; but all at the same time, I couldn't find any other fancomic based on it. Oh well. It's true that the show ended more than three years ago, but hey, it's never too late to make a fancomic about it, right? :p

So this is where my fancomic Pythagorean Thoughts comes in.
If you liked the show, and especially if you liked theorizing about the show, this (admittedly very ambitious) fancomic may be made for you. Indeed, while the plot in itself is original, the elements it uses in order to build said plot are directly drawn from the cartoon's original universe, and overall, this comic basically tries to give a similar atmosphere and experience than the original show did. A little like a tribute to what this fantastic phenomenon was.

In short, the story is new, the surprises are (hopefully) new-yet-not-so-much if you love theorizing and can see through the hints and foreshadowing, and everything else is what we originally loved about the show, pushed to as much of its full potential as I personally can. There's going to be plot, there's going to be GF humor, there's going to be angst, GF drama and emotional stuff, and there's going to be an awful lot of Continuity Lockout -- but what else is new when you've been expecting Gravity Falls content?
The main difference in what you could consider rating is that, contrary to the original show, this comic is not censored by Disney's S&P. Things won't get too dark or mature just for the lulz, but it is entirely possible that some elements will be present in this comic while they would have probably been censored in the original show (and if the creators' interviews are to be trusted, a LOT of their ideas were censored between the first idea of the story and the final episodes). This story will strive to remain GF-friendly, it's just that sometimes, the GF-dark (whether the comedy type or the serious type) will be less restrained than it was in the original cartoon, although it will never get into straight gore or any mature content. Anyone above 13 should be completely safe reading this comic, and I'm putting 13 as the limit because I'm paranoid but I'm sure that the comic is (almost) as kid-friendly as the original show was.

On the downside, I suppose that I'm not the best artist; if you stop by and enjoy the comic, you're going to follow for the storytelling and the characters' expressions, not for the pure aesthetics. Hopefully I'll improve as the story goes on.

Anyway, if you're a GF fan, please give it a chance! This comic series is shooting for a very long story, where nearly all the characters of the show will have some way or another their chance to shine, or at the very least a bit of development (hopefully).
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