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Lume: stories in a land of eternal night (anthro fantasy)

PostPosted: July 15th, 2019, 9:47 pm
by Nekoturny
Lume has never known the day, only the lonely moon...

The Ichor, the wandering shadows who once threatened to consume all things have long since been crippled.
The crowns of nations young and old now look with greedy eyes at one another.
Yunpol with its striding cities and Valmour with its walls draw their sabers and bare their fangs.
Far to the Crest, in the heart of Ecran, something stirs. ... 5lukP9.jpg

Hey! Look at that, it’s my first webcomic!
Wow, this took way longer than it should have… Ahem

Lume is an idea that has been in my head for years now. I’ve always loved worldbuilding and I always wanted to make a proper story set in one of my favorites. That’s this!

Lume is the name of the celestial sphere upon which our adventure takes place. It’s a strange place enveloped in eternal night, with a rich and lengthy history I plan on revealing bit by bit. Ancient nations vying for power, surreal monsters, lots of fun little tidbits of lore.

I’m not very good at it now, but in the future I want to have some animations as a part of the comic. Fight scenes and visual gags for example.