Broken Semiotic: A Surrealist Horror Anthology

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Broken Semiotic: A Surrealist Horror Anthology

Postby Eldritch Hat » September 1st, 2019, 8:07 pm


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Psychologists have committed a century to studying the effects of lesions, tumors, and even bisecting the human brain. They have discovered the myriad ways that the ontological integrity we take for granted can be totally undermined. However, we also understand that human brains have psychological processes to interpret the messages of fiction, but we still fail to fully comprehend where the real passes over into the surreal.

This comic is a work of fiction, one that delves into genres such as psychological horror, magical realism, and cosmic dread. I plan on making this series an anthology of different stories that all tie into the central theme of a broken reality. Moreover, these stories will focus on the perspectives of those who can already see the misalignment of what is known and what they know. You can call me Eldritch Hat, I will be your primary guide through this existential journey of art and understanding.

If you are interested in sharing your own story in this series, please contact me with a direct message.


Hey, I'm eldritchhat (she/they), but you can call me Kara. I would really appreciate any of you checking out my comic and sharing your thoughts on them. This is my second attempt at a webcomic, but as an anthology series I think it opens up the potential to a greater variety of styles and more experimental storytelling.

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