Wholesome good guys wrestle against sadistic bullies

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Wholesome good guys wrestle against sadistic bullies

Postby luchanortena » September 7th, 2019, 5:48 am

NPWA features pro wrestling matches where wholesome good guys known as "babyfaces" wrestle against cheating sadistic bullies known as "heels" in a wrestling ring in front of an audience. The winner is the wrestler who makes his rival submit or pins him down for a three second count.

Event 1 Our Heroes Debut
Match 1: Andy Noble vs Walter the Thug (posted)
Andy trained with all his heart at the King David Pro Wrestling School and finally he will have his first professional wrestling match. He is also in a ministry that serves at a home for children that have no parental support and invited all of them to attend the event where he will fight. Andy's rival will be Walter The Thug, but our hero does not know that the evil promoter has fixed the match so that Walter would win. Will our young hero be able to overcome the challenge?

Next match:
Diego & Johny "The Cousins" vs Fausto & Hugo "The Hitmen"

Main event:
Erick Noble vs Caligula the Torturer

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