What are your toughts on "badly" drawn comics...

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Re: What are your toughts on "badly" drawn comics...

Postby Kyt Cordell » November 17th, 2017, 11:00 am

I think you can get away with less than stunning art if you have very, very good story. A lot of popular webcomics started off with terrible stuff. XKCD was drawn on lined paper in the early days. One punch man is doodled.

Though, to be fair, One Punch Man is extremely expressive. The artist isn't fantastic or refined, but he does have a great sense of design and emotiveness. If he were really technically good, his work would be solid. He doesn't suffer from the usual weeb same face problems that many artists with better rendering skills run into. The definition of art being "bad" is somewhat loose and subjective. A lot of very "pretty" comics are very boring as far as their design and character expressions. Basically, everyone looks kind of the same but with hair and clothes swapped out.

I'm generally quite shallow and won't follow something that doesn't look at least decent. Very rarely will story ever be on par with something like one-punch man. Frankly, most people just aren't that clever. There are more decent artists than there are solid story tellers.
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Re: What are your toughts on "badly" drawn comics...

Postby Virtual Wombat » December 9th, 2017, 11:11 am

I'm not exactly a stunning artist myself but in general I think as many have said it depends on the tone of the comics.

For example, I wouldn't call XKCD badly drawn, but think the stick figures suit the generally scientific tone of the humour. I have seen some things bounce around Twitter and other corners of the web before that seem almost intentionally horrible though. If I see something like that, where there has clearly been no effort put in, I'll pass straight over it and never go back.
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Re: What are your toughts on "badly" drawn comics...

Postby Winek » December 10th, 2017, 7:15 pm

I'm not a very good artist but neither am I a horribly bad one (at least from what my friends said) and I'm extremely self-conscious when doing any kind of drawings, beating myself up for such small details more than 90% people would hardly even notice. I don't have any webcomic either, but I've got a pretty good story planned, and maybe when I'll feel more confident I'll start it.

But even that said, I read lots of webcomic. I've always thought to myself: I don't care about the art. I would never pick a webcomic based on its art. I always read a few first page, and if the story interest me, the pace, the characters, the way it's presented, etc. are all okay, I couldn't care less about the art. I see the art as a visual support for the story; as in, the art is made to describe a bit what's happening, avoiding for the reader to have to imagine what the characters look like and giving them false ideas, or giving out position better, such as how characters are posing, what they are seeing, etc.. If it's pretty, it's nice and all, but even if it's not, I don't care.

There's also a degree of "bad art". There are thousands of art style, and some of them are quite simplistic, doesn't overdo details, while some are visibly plain lazy and it doesn't look like the artist even tries. Some stories are also way more visual than anything, and I guess in these case, you want your art to be perfect, so that it can express as much story as it is beautiful. If you want to make a page about how "the sunset is magnificent" then of course, you'd need to make your art the best for these parts, as the art will be the one telling the story more than anything. But if it's just two characters talking about their weekends, the art doesn't speak. Story, speech bubbles, and expression are probably much more important.

This is just my opinion on how I see comic, I am in no way remotely even close to being good in art o anything, so yeah.
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Re: What are your toughts on "badly" drawn comics...

Postby collective awe » December 11th, 2017, 7:01 am

I can appreciate sketchy styles and similar, but a good art is very important to me. It's very hard start a webcomic if the art is ugly.
Of course it's sad, because maybe the story could be very good.

In these case, I recommend the writer to find (at least) a decent artist to start a good collaboration.
I've worked in this field from years and it's really vital.
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