i want to do a web comic but my resources are limited

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i want to do a web comic but my resources are limited

Postby INKYLORE » October 19th, 2018, 2:02 pm

im both a artist and a writer
my writings pretty bad and lacking
and my art skills are decent but not impressive
i think i can do a web comic but my main computer is busted, so i can't do digital art

i thought about doing it with just pencil and paper and just taking a picture and posting it... would this method work ??
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Re: i want to do a web comic but my resources are limited

Postby artofjoe » October 19th, 2018, 3:21 pm

Do you have any friends that have a scanner? I use pens as my medium and then I scan them in, then I do the borders and the font with paint.net or gimp and then post pages. It's probably not the most perfect method, but it's an idea you could look at.
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Re: i want to do a web comic but my resources are limited

Postby eishiya » October 19th, 2018, 3:28 pm

It would!
However, if you have any means at all to take the photo with good lighting and no distortion, and to clean up the photo, you should. It makes it much easier to enjoy a comic when the pages are presented in an unobtrusive way.

Here are some tips for getting good results without digital tools or expensive traditional tools:
When drawing your page:
  • Plan ahead. Thumbnail your pages before you draw them, so that you can avoid redrawing things on the final page. The less you have to erase, the neater your final page will be.
  • Use ink or a similarly dark medium for the final lines unless your desired style calls for something else. Ink contrasts better from the paper, making it much easier to get a good photo of your art.
  • When lettering your comic, use guidelines (you can lightly pencil them in) to keep the text lines from wandering. If you have time, practice lettering with neat letters - draw them as if they were little drawings in their own right, don't just hand-write your text as if it's a note. Drawn letters are usually much easier to read than handwriting.

When taking a picture:
  • Make sure you take your picture in a well-lit space, so that the whole page is brightly lit. If you don't have artificial lighting that allows this, you could use the sun (bright overcast days are ideal for this, sunny days can be too much for some cameras, and wash out the lines). This will make the lines stand out better, and it will reduce/avoid graininess.
  • Position your camera so that it's parallel to the paper (e.g. both are vertical, or both are horizontal), so that every part of the page is an equal distance from the camera, to minimise perspective distortion.
  • Use the best camera you can get your hands on! If all you have is a phone, that's fine, but if you can borrow a better phone or a "proper" camera (or better yet, a scanner!), you can get better results. Some webcomic artists scan their pages at their local library or at stores that offer scanning services.

If you have a device you can use to post on this forum and to upload pages to Smack Jeeves, then you also have a device that can do rudimentary photo editing. You can bump up your page's contrast (to get the paper white and the inks black), straighten a slightly crooked photo, resize your image to a web-appropriate size (~1200px in the largest dimension), etc with just about any image-editing app, such as Photoshop Express. Some of these apps even allow adding text, so you could digitally letter your pages.
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Re: i want to do a web comic but my resources are limited

Postby MagpieMortician » January 4th, 2019, 3:54 am

I may not be the best person to answer this but I do mine by hands. I feel as long as you enjoy doing the comic, you should be fine. As for the whole writing thing, There are always people willing to hire artists for their comics. All you'd need is a portfolio as far as I know.
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Re: i want to do a web comic but my resources are limited

Postby Darksh1ne » April 4th, 2019, 3:07 am

if you like to do it digitally, fix your PC first, then do the comic. You don't have to do it right here and now
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Re: i want to do a web comic but my resources are limited

Postby jellyfishin » April 5th, 2019, 12:49 am

Looks like kind of an old thread, but to add a bit to eishiya's tips for anyone who plans on taking pictures of your comic pages with a camera:
  • use a tripod if you have it. And if you don't have one, find a way to stabilize the camera before taking pictures. This came be anything from letting the camera sit on a pile of heavy books as a makeshift stand, to taping the camera down to something that doesn't move while you take photos.
  • aside from ensuring taking parallel shots, make sure your camera is also aimed dead center of the page to ensure the least amount of perspective distortion. If your camera has a ruler view, use it. It's still possible that your page can appear warped on the edges (due to the nature of the way camera lenses work), but if you take the photo properly, then the warping should be at least be reduced to just the edges, and this can be fixed with a bit of cropping.
  • don't use flash as a substitute for bad lighting. Flash will just cause unnecessary glare on the page and cause some washout.
  • if using indoor lighting via a nearby lamp, make sure to be mindful of the lamp placement to prevent glare and washout. If the photo looks like it has too much glare or too washed out, your light source is likely too close to the page to allow for even distribution of light.
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