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Recommendations for a new Light Box?

PostPosted: March 26th, 2019, 9:38 am
by MarMarTche
Earlier today I fought with my light box of thirteen years for like ten minutes to get it to turn on.
It's this big old thick old ugly thing that's been with me for almost as long as it hasn't.

I really don't want to buy a new one but I feel the end is near. (I think I'll have a funeral for it when the wiring corrodes through.)

I tried one of those thin LED pads but it didn't feel quite as bright. Any recommendations for what I should replace it with when the time finally comes? What do y'all use?

Re: Recommendations for a new Light Box?

PostPosted: March 27th, 2019, 4:34 pm
by Oly-RRR
I think the best option is a desk with a glass section but that's coming from my market research when I started looking into buying a light box rather than actual experience of using one. (My stepdad started building a desk like that for me as one of his DIY projects, I'll report back when it's done, which might be never at this point. :? )