A Review of "Thrill" by Neneko.

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A Review of "Thrill" by Neneko.

Postby swallowtheredpill » October 12th, 2014, 7:42 pm

Thril is a comic written by Neneko, about John and Sherlock from BBC Sherlock, where they solve a case about people dying and somehow human taxidermy is involved. However, what I want to review in more detail is the artistic style and merit of the comic, and more importantly, the instances of plagiarism in "Thrill". You could say that I am a long time reader of Neneko's, even when she uploaded her first webcomic "Phobia" (which was deleted off smackjeeves a few years ago for containing a ridiculous amount of stolent images). Phobia was written in 2010, so you could probably theorize that in the past four years, neneko has learned from her past mistakes... ha ha, just kidding. My past findings of Neneko's artistic crediblity, have, shockingly, not changed at all since I first started blogging, and I feel that it is a matter of importance to the artistic community here on smackjeeves to recognize her for the "talent" she truly is.

On many of the pages, Neneko steals images from pay-for-use-stock sites like shutterstock. These watermarked images are stock images, but Neneko's images still have the watermark on them. The way that these stockimages sites (like shutter stock) work is that they have smaller, watermarked lowres versions for viewing, and then once you pay for the image, you are sent the high-resolution, unwatermarked version. Which is yours to use. However, Neneko is using the watermarked versions of these images, as you can see from the parts of the watermarks she did not erase, and the overall low quality of the image. Meaning that Neneko did not pay to use the images, since she clearly does have the highresolution, unwatermarked images that are given to those who buy the images. She's using the lowres crappy watermarked versions, which is why it turns out pixelatted, and why the watermark is still visible.

https://nicoleklinger.files.wordpress.c ... ling05.png

Example: please see where the watermark (circled) is still visible in this picture.

https://nicoleklinger.files.wordpress.c ... thrill.png

In this one, you can see where the shape of the books matches up exactly to this stock image, even though a section of it that was not watermarked was used.

http://nicoleklinger.wordpress.com/proo ... hrilling3/
The same occurs in this page.

http://nicoleklinger.wordpress.com/proo ... hrilling4/

In other cases, Neneko outright uses images which are the intellectual property of others as though they were brushes. In this page she uses a drawing from someone's [url="http://x0countess0x.deviantart.com/art/deadly-rose-289937004"]deviantart art account[/url], as well as a random piece of artwork that does not belong to her.

https://nicoleklinger.files.wordpress.c ... iarize.png
In this one, you can compare the birdcage and see how the top part of the birdcage was not neatly erased. You can also compare it to the brushes from obsidiandawn.com, which Neneko uses frequenty but does not credit, despite that obsidiandawn's TOS states that you may use their brushes for any purpose, commerical or otherwise, and the only payment they ask for is credit. Yet somehow, Neneko can't even put forth that much.

More examples of Neneko's plagiarism in "Thrill":

(You can see how pixellated the background image is, as well as the watermark which is still visisble on he left hand side of the image. It is illegible given the poor quality of he image, but you can tell that it is a watermark.)


(The background is another stock image, if you lok in the center, you can see a big 'smudge' where the image was mirrored, and on the right and left sides near the people drinking you can see a "s" part of the watermark still visible on the image, In addiction, the same rose doodle was copy/pasted on this page.)

I would give this comic a big fat zero, because if someone was truly a good artist, and dedicated to writing and creating original webcomics, then they would not steal images from others the countless number of times that Neneko does. I truly suggest reading "Thrill" only for those who have seen my review and believes that their artwork may have also been stolen. I suggest that to those of you whose artwork has been copied, hat you will be able to report Neneko for the copyright violation that she is guilty of.

If you'd like to read Thrill the webcomic is here:

if you'd like to read more on my blog about Neneko's past and current plagiarism my blog is here:
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