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Postby Xero Boomer » April 25th, 2019, 1:52 pm

Hello everybody! I'm back with an in depth look at Chris Samuels "Rended" and I have to say, what a fun world to visit! With beautiful artistry centered around a magical world with creatures and humans co-existing together, I could not help but to become fully engrossed in this story he creates!

The characters work off each other through clever dialogue and story telling giving you an easy reading comic. What I mean by this is some comics are very boring starting off. As creators we try to engage our readers to the point they can understand and relate to the characters without feeling like they have to work for it. Finessing the story and pacing is something he got down right from chapter 1 (the prologue comes off like a literal book at first, but I didn't mind seeing as to it's sets up the world for you).

The drawings are exquisite, from the angles, to the colors, to the transition from one scene to another, I completely admire his creativity in this department. Even the shadows and night scenes are created to set a mood that is fitting to the situation, yet again; absorbing you deeper into the story. Nothing about the way he draws seems rushed or out of place, he takes time and utilizes his skills to make every page as unique as possible.

As for the story, Chris Samuels weaves a unique tale that is easily graspable by all age groups (maybe not the gore buuuut). It is a story that knows what it wants to be and so far (It's still rather in it's early stages of chapter 2) delivers it to it's fans. It's part fantasy, part horror, part sci-fi, all beginning with a journey of a soul and the struggles within. Even certain situations have you feeling for each character. They make you ask certain questions like "Could I leave my home and family to better myself?" and "HOLY S&$# A MONSTER!"

So if your looking for a new kind of tale with eye catching panels, clever writing, and a look into another world look no further! This comic may come off as far away from home, but it just may have the magic to keep you as a fan!
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