Sprite Resources thread

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Sprite Resources thread

Postby Pyroman » January 9th, 2010, 1:19 am

Completely forgot to archive this over.

If you guys have any suggestions, or just need to let me know about a dead link or remade site, PM me.


-Sprites, customs and backgrounds.

-Can be good to find popular sprites but not ALOT of rare sprites.

-A gamemaker (the program) resource site that has download links to various large files and other resource sites.

-A good place for mortal kombat sprites, tends to have full sheets but a few are missing bits that they are still adding.

-Don't know if thats a great sonic site, but it has a lot of sprites and misc poses. (thanks to arbonite:also has a large sonic BG library)

-Large site for NES and SNES sprites.

-Interstingly set out streetfighter sprite site. really a niche site and i didn't look long enough to see if you could get the sheets or whether you need to extract the GIF on imageready or similar program. but they were ripped well.

-Go to files, click on the top little drop down menu and select CHARSETS, then click search.
The amount of files is amazing. it took a minute or two to load on my comp. and i could see there were just hundreds...loads of customs, loads of sheets. just loads of everything. if you're looking for something in particular...or anything at all, use CTRL + F...seriously you'll need it!

-Thanks to Duhchao,
Lol this was the first site i saw and must have closed the window before i finished this post!
Well this site has tons of stuff from many of the classics on each system, but with a few shocks that make it a great site.

-Link thanks to duhchao, fixed by friend.
A HUGE site crammed with loads of mario stuff, sprites, customs, BGs, how-tos. its really a great site if you are looking for mario stuff, especially something specific.

-Huge thanks to tyro for this great site i lost!
A well set out site with many, many sprites including a large range of customs. it also updates quite frequently.
i highly recommend this site!

-Thanks to Final_Form_Cooler for this great sonic site
A seemingly amateur site, but ignoring the layout leads to much goodness. A really good sonic site to add to the growing list!

-Thanks to AFstaff for a very nice RPGmaker resource
Although the site is made for RPG maker, which is a great thing to have, it mainly uses sprites which you can use anyway. because you just add them to the program from a picture file rather than have a file specifically for RPGmaker.
Very big, and very useful especially if your not looking for something specific. its a great place to trawl around in; have fun and see what you can find.

-Thanks to pietaco
A site with a bunch of other pokemon sprite sites. some are good, some not so...

-After failing to get the site a bunch thought i'd check back now, it worked and boy is it awesome. it has an amazing range of tutorials, sprites, BG's, Customs heck ANYTHING you are looking for, this place seemed to have it, and more. in each section there are a bunch of helpful stickies, a bunch of the usual BGs/Sprites/whatever, and then threads are chock full of requests, customs, help etc. a really great site!

-Thanks to ValorForm
After a few weeks of being down this site is back up and raring to go. it is full of just about every Kingdom hearts sprite i have ever seen, and even has some custom BGs and stuff. Recommended by many it seems to be a great resource!

-Thanks to BKJax
THis site is really, really awesome. Its a phoenix Wright: Ace attorney fansite. Head over to media and you have a huge range of stuff, sprite and non sprite. to get to the sprite just click animation and you can get sheets and stuff, and they are well ripped. they appear to have quite the full range everything from the characters to the evidence.
As well as sprites it also has a large range of manga and other media. search around and youll find some great stuff!

-Thanks to roxas112492
-Unfortubately this site is a forums type set-up, and in that sense you have to register. So if you're just lazing through looking for random stuff i assume you dont want to bother.
BUT if you DO want Kingdom Hearts sprites then here is a damn fine place to look, registering is pretty simple so its not hard but the payoff is very, very good for any KH fan.

-Thanks to Arc_Hacler
Put simply and in Arc's own words:
Pretty much says it all right there, loads of stuff ripped from megaman old to new and a very nicely presented website to boot. enjoy.

-Thanks again to Arc_Hacler
A small page of other megaman stuff including some helmetless ones which seem to be getting quite popular.
Usually each character has a few sheets but overall they are nice.

-HUGE thanks go out to boredomcomics
This site has lots and lots of sprites...huge assortments for just about every console ever concieved.
they have, Arcade, GBA, master system, N64, PC98, PS2, SNES, Gameboy/colour, Neo Geo, NDS, Turbographcs 16, Playstation, Game gear, sega Genesis, Neo Geo pocket, Nintendo, PC, sega CD, wonder swan and custom sprites, as well as several good ripping utilities, and other tools.

-Thanks go out to Shadow the Unborn
Ok load up the site and click the links at the top right to use the generator. They can be a bit hard to see through the mountain of ads.
Basically this site is used to make character sets for RPG makers, but it has an amazing array of different pieces that can create a sprite that it is worthy of a mention. lots of fun to be had here folks, give it a try!

-Thanks to CursedBluto
A small home-grown SJ site that features a selection of custom and ripped sprites from various games. It's not massive, but it's growing, and has the potential to become an useful resource. It updates like a comic, and may possibly be accepting contributors, so if customs are your thing, drop CursedBluto a line.


Arbonites section All the effort that it took, just to get a section. (He did it for the cool points :D)


A good page of monsters, bosses and such, from some old games. Many will be familiar, but i wouldn't go for anything specific to a game, really it would only be if you wanted a random monster. still they are really nice.

A nice selection of sprites from all systems. not huge, but what they have they do well, and in the end at least they are updating!

-Final fantasy IV (FFIII in US), Goemon, street fighter, samurai showdown and more. +it has quite a large range of megaman sprites. but many of the sprites on this site dont come with sheets. (and digimon!)

-A good selection of sprites from specific games, such as disgaea, la pucelle and so on. I believe most of the games are tactical RPG's, but whatever the case the range is good, and it doesn't suffer too much from the 'missing sprite syndrome.'

Not a huge range of sprites, but some for each system. good for 'second opinions' and looking for that elusive sheet. It's updating pretty regularly, so expect the content to change quite a bit.

You want some classic Zelda sprites? from the good old days?
Want no more.
Ok so basically its a resource for people creating their own quests with zelda tilesets. this can be an issue, because often they upload their own and it can get a bit messy. Nevertheless, the sprites are nicelt ripped, and if you are into this sort of thing its a good place to head.

A really, reaaly good resource for those games that have so many characters and monsters and items, that most spriters don't bother. A great place for various final fantasy's and other less popular, but still huge, RPGs.


Nutronic's handy section! he gets a section coz he did all this!


~Wow, I can't believe this one was missed. It's like the most used Sonic sprite archive since Psyguy.... speaking of which:

~Many more Sonic sprites. A lot are custom made, but they are high quality.

~Odd assortment of sprites. Site takes a bit of getting use to, but it's not impossible to navigate.

~They have animated sprites. Not really sure how that fully worked out cause I don't really DL my sprites, even if they are zips. However it's quite a large selection of Sonic sprites Especially rare ones.

~Fairly good selection of Video game Backgrounds. Heck, if you can't find it here, then it's gotta be rare. Most are very large, and all are direct game rips. They have hundreds so browse to your hearts content.

~Great site for music, and all that Kirby info. However whats better is that each game entry has sprites. So not only can you match a Kirby sprite's bit age to your own comic, but you also select music to go along with it. Awesome yeah?

~Get your Guilty Gear XX Reloaded fix right here, it's specific but thorough.


-A great resource for backgrounds, many systems and games.

-Mostly Background from various games, good if you aren't looking for something specific (but i dont find usually anyone it).

If you guys have any suggestions, or just need to let me know about a dead link or remade site, PM me.

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Re: Sprite Resources thread

Postby Guest » February 27th, 2010, 10:30 am

:lol: Got a few more for you. Didn't seem 'em on the list, but I coulda missed 'em.

Re: Sprite Resources thread

Postby aGrimVale » February 28th, 2010, 2:48 am

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/416986/misc/Spr ... orials.txt

Greatest list of sprite tutorials ever.
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Re: Sprite Resources thread

Postby Raging Ghost » January 6th, 2011, 6:45 pm

I don't have access to Spriters Resource, while I usually can before.

Is it normal?
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Re: Sprite Resources thread

Postby Guest » January 29th, 2011, 10:18 am

I am a member of a site where there are alot of Fire Emblem sprites. http://www.feplanet.net/sprites-archive

Re: Sprite Resources thread

Postby ColeDX » January 15th, 2012, 5:04 am

Can some one give me the link to specificly Pokemon sprites for overworld view? I don't have time to look myself and I was just wondering if there is one :)
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Re: Sprite Resources thread

Postby Guest » July 17th, 2012, 12:13 pm

This is the smallest topic ever which started in 2010, but only 2 posts were made, 1 in 2011 and the other one in 2012, without counting mine.

Re: Sprite Resources thread

Postby robybang » July 17th, 2012, 12:27 pm

Full of Sonic sprites as well as custom stuff.
three wrote:

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Re: Sprite Resources thread

Postby zaceron » November 11th, 2012, 8:05 am

to put a twig in the wheels of those whom keep going on a bout best programs for pixels, go with dos box and deluxe paint http://www.phatcode.net/downloads.php?id=201

though you probably have to draw everything from scratch, instead of copy paste from a sprite sheet

http://graphicssoft.about.com/gi/o.htm? ... paint.com/

or just ultimate paint, it is kinda like mspaint only with keyboard shortcuts, and it is FREE

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