Aesthetes Nesting would love a review~

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Aesthetes Nesting would love a review~

Postby Lwellyn » June 6th, 2019, 10:54 am

    Hello lovely people, I would very much enjoy hearing reviews regarding my historical slice of life comic Aesthetes Nesting.
    It has not been running that long, so it's not really feasible to ask for reviews of entire plot lines but I would love to hear opinions in regards to what's there already (readability, artwork, characters etc). I'm a sucker for some feedback and would love to hear any and every opinion on this passion project of mine!

    Aesthete's Nesting follows the semi-comedic duo of the highly anxious victorian painter Cecil Mangrove and his hot-tempered best friend Algernon, when they find themselves free to rearrange their lives after a sudden inheritance. I want Aesthete's Nesting to combine the rich aesthetics of a period piece with a sort of easygoing type of ensemble humor. You can read it by clicking the link below :)

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Re: Aesthetes Nesting would love a review~

Postby EveVon » June 6th, 2019, 1:02 pm

As requested, no review but instead some feedback! Not sure where I'm officially supposed to post this feedback, so I'll do it here :)

It's very hard for me to judge the quality of your comic story based on what's there now. And that's a good thing, actually, because usually the weaker storytelling can be noticed from the very first pages. So you're off a good start :) You use visual exposition (show don't tell), which is good because you use your comics visuals to its advantage. Your prologue raises some questions that the reader can immediately latch onto (Who's Ludmilla and what's her story? How will the main characters deal with their respective struggles, etc.), and the character dialogue feels natural. So keep it up :D

As I said, dialogue feels natural, and there's no real grammar or spelling mistakes I spotted. (I think you missed an "I" on page 14 panel 3 though) So script-wise you're fine. :D Though I think your text bubbles are pushing it with this small a size. I think you want some more padding, because in some bubbles your text makes tangents with the bubble border. It makes it hard to read in those cases. The font is a bit small, but readable.

I think your artwork looks fine in general :) It's usually clear what is happening and what characters are doing and that's most important for your comic. You have a very personal and recognizable style. I like that! But it also means it's hard for me to critique without me knowing what direction you want to go into. One critique i may have: your style is a form of semi-realism. That means that it's very noticeable if certain aspects of characters are deformed or different from other instances of the character. I've sometimes had a bit of trouble with recognizing your characters because in some panels you struggle with consistency.

As said before, you have interesting hooks for both characters by showing a bit of what they struggle with. I'm curious ^^ It'll take me a few more pages before I can judge your characterization from a writing perspective, but thus far it feels natural and not like caricature, I like! From a design perspective, your characters look fine too. I mean I've seen three main characters and a few in the background, but thus far they all look unique and diverse.

General impressions:
Looks promising thus far. I'm quite picky with my stories, but I can see this as a story I will potentially enjoy :D The way you describe your comic it sounds like you put quite an emphasis on storytelling, so I'm curious in which direction it will head! :D Good luck and I hope my feedback helped you in some way!
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