Horror webcomic review nomination: fetish

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Horror webcomic review nomination: fetish

Postby collosmos » February 24th, 2019, 9:06 pm

Hello! I took a long (long) hiatus from working on my comic for personal health reasons, but I'm finally returning to work on it. I formerly cross-posted between SJ and tumblr, but since I have left and deleted tumblr, I am now uploading the old page archives. So, all pages that are being updated for now are at least two years old until the archives are fully uploaded. I thought now was as good an opportunity as any to put my webcomic up for review from my peers.

My comic "fetish" is a mature horror webcomic, featuring eldritch gods, mad cults, a totalitarian theocracy, and a dumb weenie boy with anxiety who makes a big ass whoopsie at work and then goes to a brothel (so far). Sorry, I'm genuinely garbo at succinct synopses. It updates once a week, Fridays for me (an Australian).

To add, because I am aware these are sensitive subjects: the comic deals with things like mental illness and complex trauma, both of which I have. These are not depictions of MI and CT. These are interpretations of my own personal experiences with MI and CT, and represent only my own feelings and lived experiences and only my own personal feelings and experiences.

This comic is extremely mature. I forgot that the prologue had some eeeeedgy~ gory descriptions (I'm redrawing the prologue pages but they're low on my priority list), and subsequent pages also display nudity and violence/suicide, and child abuse sort of?

Appreciate any input/feedback/advice/criticism. I already know my backgrounds need work, so any advice on them beyond "practice" (which I'm doing I swear) is appreciated.
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